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Should you get a new roof or a roof placement? As a homeowner, you know how important it is to keep your roof in tip-top shape. But sometimes the roof’s age or damage caused by weather can put a damper on that goal. And then you are left wondering about your next step. This usually leads to figuring out if what you need is re-roofing or a new roof.

So, how do you know?

Re-roofing is generally less expensive than a new roof. But this option is not available for everyone. It also depends on the material of your roof, the story of your home and the pitch.

new roof

What is re-roofing? Re-roofing is the process of layering new shingles on top of already existing ones. You can do this if your roof is in overall good shape and has no major water damage, soggy or missing shingles. Re-roofing can only be done once so this is not an option for homes with more than one layer of roofing. You should also avoid re-roofing only small parts of your roof; it works better when you need to reroof all of it. Sometimes rotting or sagging is not noticeable beneath the shingles and if that’s the case re-roofing is also not an option.

If re-roofing is not an option, then your next option is a complete roof replacement.

Roof replacement can be done at any time but especially if there are problems with the roof deck. While you can save money with re-roofing, you can only do it if you have a couple of issues but once the roof is ready to give out, roof replacement is your only option. A roof replacement will address all the issues with your roof instead of covering it up.

roof replacement

If you are in the Northern Virginia area and have noticed damage on your roof, give MidAtlantic Contracting a call. We will take a look at your roof and figure out which one of the options is best for your situation.