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Having an efficient and strong roof is vital to the comfort and maintenance of your home. You want a roof that won’t leak and will keep you warm in the winter.  But when do you know it’s time to replace your roof? We have put together a list of signs that will help you figure out if you need a roof replacement.

very old roof

  1. The age of your roof: On average a roof will last you a minimum of 20-25 years. With great maintenance, your roof could last much more longer than that. But once you hit the 20-year mark, that’s when you should consider a roof replacement.
  2. Damaged shingles: If your shingles are curling, buckling, or cracked, your roof could have 1-5 years left. But it all depends on the damage. If you have missing shingles, you could replace them. But if your roof is on its way out, it’s better to just replace the whole roof instead of just replacing shingles every time they go missing. damaged shingle
  3. Granule Loss: Another sign of a debilitating roof is finding granules in the gutters. While it is normal to find a couple, an excessive amount can be cause for concern.
  4. Sagging Roof: This is a big one! Because while you can wait a bit on the other signs, it is better to give us a call right away if you notice your roof sagging. A sagging roof can also be due to structural issues, so you want to check up on the foundation too.

If you notice any of these warning signs, you are in NEED of roof replacement. If you are in the Woodbridge area, give MidAtlantic Contracting a call at 703-492-4663 to schedule your roof replacement date.

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