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After a long, harsh winter, your home and yard could use some attention. Now that winter is waning, it’s time to get to work! Heavy snow and ice on your roof and gutters, fallen tree limbs, and plenty of melting snow take a toll on your property. That’s the bad news. The good news is that getting a jump on these problems before spring thawing is the best way to prevent additional damage. If you are currently considering siding or roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA, the earlier you start the better!

This list of six spring home maintenance tips will help you get your home back into tip-top shape!

1. Tame Your Yard

Inspecting your landscaping is important after a long winter. Melting snow often reveals problems in your yard that may lead to larger issues. If you see lots of broken branches close to your home, it’s time to consider trimming back the trees. This will keep your home and yard clear of debris next fall and winter. It will also mean less debris will fall on your roof and into your gutters. That’s a win-win!

gutter inspection

2. Declutter Your Gutters

Gutters filled with twigs, leaves, and branches don’t drain properly, and if heavy rains occur this can cause problems. Inspect your gutters for cracks, damaged areas, or sagging. If necessary, have a contractor with experience in roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA replace broken sections and reattach your gutters.

3. Make Necessary Roof Repairs

Snow, ice, and wind are hard on your home — especially your roof. Snow and ice melt during warm days and refreeze during cold nights. This causes ice dams which in turn cause roof damage like warped, cracked, or missing shingles. Ice dams can also cause leaks that lead to expensive water damage. Roofing companies in northern Virginia, like MidAtlantic Contracting, can make repairs before bigger problems develop. But remember, summertime is the busy season for roofing in Woodbridge, so start early!

4. Inspect Your Flashing

Flashing is an important component of your roof. Chimneys, skylights, and vents protrude through your roof and create possible leak points. Flashing prevents water from entering your home through these openings. During the winter, falling branches and ice can damage flashing, so have your’s inspected this spring. If you have concerns, give MidAtlantic Contracting a call. We’ll put our experience in roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA to work for you!

repairing siding

5. Repair Siding

Whether your home is sided with vinyl, wood, or fiber-cement, winter weather can cause damage. Broken or missing siding allows moisture into your home causing rot and structural damage and should be replaced as soon as possible. Companies that handle roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA also handle siding. A single company, like MidAtlantic Contracting, can take care of both your roof and siding repairs. Easy!

6. Check your Deck

Just like your roof and siding, your deck is another outdoor component of your home that takes a beating in the winter. As spring approaches, give your deck a good look to see if any damage has occurred. Peeling paint or stain are common maintenance issues, but keep an eye out for larger problems like wood rot or damage to the decking or structure. If you discover problems, contact MidAtlantic Contracting. We’re not just one of the best roofing companies in northern Virginia; we also specialize in deck installation!

Don’t Let Minor Repairs Become Major Ones

Spring home repairs are easily accomplished when you work with the right contractor. MidAtlantic Contracting has years of experience in siding and roofing in Woodbridge and a reputation for being reliable and affordable. If you’re considering installing a new roof, call us at 703.492.4663. Our staff is ready to help. Visit us on the web at to learn more about us and how we can help you.