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Siding replacement in Woodbridge VA is necessary when the current exterior is damaged, outdated, or simply unappealing to the homeowner. In an effort to save money, many homeowners think they’ll purchase the siding and parts and tackle the job themselves. However, this is more often than not, a bad decision that costs more than hiring professionals from the start. Unless you’re experienced in siding work, leave this job to the pros.

Proper Training

Some siding includes specific installation styles known only to certified siding contractors. Attempting a DIY job and one wrong move can damage the siding and cause a plethora of trouble during the project. Professionals know how to respond to any damage or mishaps they encounter during the replacement as well, something most homeowners lack knowledge with.


Consider the risk that you’ll damage your home during a DIY siding project and pick up the phone to schedule professional service. It happens more often than homeowners would care to admit. The potential problems that can occur when an inexperienced person is on the job may lead to the need for thousands of dollars in repairs. Is that a risk that you really want to take?

crack in vinyl siding


To make matters worse, a DIY doesn’t include warranties or guarantees, so when mistakes are made, you’ll pay to call someone out to fix them. Hire a professional from the start and in the rare event there is a problem with the siding installation, they’ll return to the home at no additional cost to make the repair.

More Expensive

A DIY siding job is more expensive than hiring siding contractors Woodbridge VA. First, you miss out on the warranties and guarantees they offer. Secondly, you won’t receive the supply and equipment discounts that contractors receive, ultimately costing you a considerable amount more for siding and all the essentials.


Most people lack the tools and equipment that a siding contractor has readily available. Purchasing the items is expensive and not a viable option since you’re unlikely to use them again for many years. Professionals take the need to borrow or buy tools to install siding and take care of the job.

Save Time

Experts install siding in a fraction of the time it’d take an inexperienced installer. They also give the individual back all of the time they’d spent completing the job. Life is short and days are busy. Professionals make sure all of the spare time left in the day is yours to enjoy, not spent completing chores around the home.

Do not assume the costs to hire a siding contractor Woodbridge VA are out of your budget. The truth is, most professionals charge minimal rates affordable to most any budget. The price you pay for professional siding installation is minuscule to the benefits that you receive. The reasons listed above to avoid a DIY siding job and hire a professional instead are among many. Don’t make the mistake of DIY and live with regret when a siding contractor Woodbridge VA is around.

grey vinyl siding on house

Don’t risk a DIY siding replacement job. Call our siding contractor in Woodbridge VA for quality siding installation at a great price.