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When you buy your first home, most of the time (unless you get really lucky), you don’t get everything you want. Depending on your budget and your specifications, you might forego that house with the beautiful kitchen because it’s too far away from your job or you don’t get to have the big backyard because it was $20,000 over your budget.

Perhaps, when you bought your first home, you had to compromise by buying a house without a garage. While you can park your cars on your property just fine, having a garage has many benefits such as protecting your car from the harsh weather and vandalism.

But now you have the money and the desire to get the garage you always wanted and maybe needed. Well, how about considering a detached garage? Building a separate structure from your house can have its benefits.

detached garage

Benefits of a Detached Garage:

  • You can build the garage in the style that you want without having it clash with your home. If one day you decide to remodel your home, you could match it to your new garage.
  • It can be placed anywhere! The garage can be built behind your house or at an angle.
  • You can build other things like decks or patios instead of attaching the garage to your home.
  • If you have a small house, building a garage right next to it can overwhelm the look of your house.
  • You can use your garage for more noisy activities like band practice or fixing your car. If your garage were to be attached to your home than your family members could get easily annoyed by the noise.
  • It’s easier to add a second floor to a detached garage in comparison to an attached one.

garage practice

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