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Perhaps when you bought your home, you were disappointed that the house of your dreams did not include a deck and maybe, as the years went by you forgot the reasons why you wanted one in the first place.

But it’s 2017! New Year, New You! And it’s time to remember why you always dreamt of a home with a deck and if you didn’t, perhaps these reasons will make you consider adding one!

  1. Popular Spot – A deck is a favorite spot all-year-round! You can grill in the summer, read a book in the Spring and party it up on New Year’s Eve! Also, depending on the size and what else you add to it, it can quickly become the “cool” neighborhood spot. Think about the furniture and relaxing yet fun items like a hot tub.
  1. More Space – Think about additional items that you have bought but have nowhere to put. You might not have an extra room where to place that new table that you love so much. Well, you can always put those items on your deck! Extra furniture? Perfect! Spare coffee maker? Even better!


  1. Great Investment – Decks are incredibly popular! So when your home has a one, it can become highly in demand. Adding a deck would increase the value of your home! In fact, depending on the kind that you add, you can get a return that ranges from 70-90% of your original investment.
  1. It Looks Good – Let’s be honest, a house with a deck is usually more attractive than a house without one! Everybody wants their house to look good! And if you have a boring backyard, a deck is a perfect addition.

white deck

Take the plunge and add a deck to your home! Contact MidAtlantic Contracting to talk about your options and what we can do for you. Our team has been serving the Northern Virginia area for 30 years!