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Wood siding is popular throughout the United States. Many people have grown up seeing wood siding everywhere. From their perspective, there is no other option. However, when a person takes the time to examine wood siding closely, it becomes clear that far from being the best option, it has many drawbacks.

Wood Siding Is High Maintenance

Wood is a natural material. It is susceptible to the elements, such as rain, wind, snow, and sun. Wood requires a lot of maintenance for it to keep its appearance. For example, wood siding must be painted and stained at regular intervals.

Regularly maintaining wood siding is expensive. Not only will it take money out of your pocket, but it will require time. If you do not regularly maintain wood siding, it will eventually rot, twist, or warp. When this happens, water can seep behind the siding, damaging your home. With wood siding, you have two options. You can spend money regularly maintaining the wood, or you will dish out a ton of money to repair the structure of your home.

Paint peeling from wood siding

Wood Siding Is Destroyed by Insects

When insects, certain birds, and rodents see a home with wood siding, they either see a delicious meal or a great place to build their own home. Termites are one of the most destructive pests that homeowners must battle against. If termites find their way into your wood siding and you do not catch them for just one year, you might experience unspeakable structural damage to your home.

Termites are not the only insects that would love to make a meal out of your wood siding. There are several ants, wasp, and beetles that will drill holes into your siding and build their nests. We have yet to discuss how squirrels, woodpeckers, and other vermin can affect your wood siding.

Can’t Wood Siding Be Treated or Protected against the Weather and Pests?

Some argue that you can treat wood siding to protect against certain pests. However, if you speak to someone who has a home with wood siding, they will tell you that no amount of treatment will prevent a determined colony of termites from going to town.

While there are certain woods that naturally repel insects, these can still warp and rot, exposing the structure of your home to damage. There are many people who are attracted to wood because of the classic look that it has. And we cannot honestly deny the visual appeal of wood siding. What we do know is that many people who went with wood siding because they liked how it looked later regretted the decision when they were spending thousands of dollars out of pocket to repair damage or to replace their wood siding with vinyl.

dark vinyl siding on house

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is durable and attractive. It offers several benefits that are not seen with wood siding. Vinyl siding enhances curb appeal. Since it has been manufactured with the color going all the way through, the panels look attractive up close and from far away. Vinyl will not fade, show scratches, flake, or chip.

Vinyl is available in several styles, trims, and colors. It is dent resistant. It stands virtually unaffected by changes in the weather or from sun exposure. You don’t have to worry about vinyl being affected by insects, warping, or splitting. Vinyl is a low maintenance, environmentally-friendly, and mold resistant option for your home.

Are you tired of spending time and money maintaining your wood siding? Are you ready for an attractive, durable, cost-effective alternative to protect your home? If so, call us today. Our team of siding technicians stand ready to show you the benefits vinyl siding provides.