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There have been various types of decking over the years. However, the one that has outshone all the other types of decking is composite decking. In this article, we shall dive deep into the benefits of wood-plastic composites (WPCs). WPCs first came into the market in the early 1990s; the material has become popular with companies introducing new material variants.

WPCs gets manufactured after combining hardwood waste and recycled plastics. The parts of plastic and wood fibre get mixed with pigments, inhibitors, ultraviolet and borate preservatives. The mixture is heated, extruded and then added texture. The final product is embossed to a warm surface then cooled.

The advantage with WPCs is that it combines the traditional appearance of timber with an engineered composite that are durable. To select the best decking, you need to choose the WPCs, and here are the reasons that you need to have in mind as you choose the WPCs decking:

1. Safety
When you need to get the perfect deck builder Woodbridge VA, you have to ensure they use safe material. Composite is an ideal material in that it is slip-resistant and has no splinters. On the other hand, unlike other decking materials, composites do not require nails or screws to fit the deck. The advantage of the lack of nails and screws is that you can walk barefoot on the deck and not get injured.

man installing composite deck
2. Maintenance
Composite decking gets manufactured from a cellulose fiber mix of wood waste and plastic; that is why a deck builder Woodbridge VA will recommend it. With this mixture of materials, you do not need to keep cleaning the deck. It is easy to clean the material, and it is easy to wipe it when it gets dirty. The reason to have an easy to clean deck is that after you have had guests, the effort you use is minimal.

3. Durable
When you need a deck builder Woodbridge VA, you must ensure that you get a deck contractor who will use materials that will stand the test of time. The deck goes through harsh weather conditions, which is why you need to ensure that the material you use can withstand all the different weather conditions. With the appropriate deck contractor, you can effortlessly achieve this.

The PWCs are resistant to mold, and the material does not rot or split. It has a high UV stability, which means that it does not crack when exposed to a high amount of sunlight. When you use ordinary materials, the deck can last up to 15-20 years; on the other hand, the composite material will last for over 30 years.

4. Perfect design
A deck builder Woodbridge VA will use composite materials that do not use nails and screws, making the deck have a perfectly smooth surface. The final output is brilliant and has a modern feel. The ability of the composite material to resemble exotic hardwood makes it very pleasing to the eye.

The composite material comes with a wide range of colors that you can select from. The wide selection allows you to find the best fit for your outdoor space.

5. Cost Implications
When you purchase wood to be used on the deck, the initial price is cheap. But, if you add the accumulated costs that come with maintenance after some time, you will get that composite is cheap in the long run. When you use wood, you need to keep sealing the gaps due to wear and tear. You also need to ensure that you keep vanishing the wood to make it look bright. When you purchase the composite, you need not worry about maintenance.

Final Thoughts
Composite decking is the best type of deck that you can install. When you get the composite decking, you get assured that you will have a good quality deck. For free advice on how you can get the best composite deck, contact us.