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Wooden decks add a ton of value to our homes, both for our enjoyment as homeowners and for added value to our home’s sale price when we go to sell. Would-be buyers don’t want to see a run-down, drab-looking deck. A beautifully designed and well-built deck looks great, provides a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and makes a home worth more.

To keep your deck looking pristine, it should have fresh stain with rich color. But how do you know when your deck needs to be stained? A good rule of thumb is every two years, but staining your deck regularly each year is often a good idea. A lot depends on the material from which the deck is constructed, the current condition of that material, and the climate in which your home is located.

When should I stain my new deck?

That’s a great question that a lot of new deck owners struggle with. New wooden decks should be allowed to dry for about thirty days before being stained. Decks in dry, arid climates will cure faster than decks in damp, humid climates. When it’s time to stain your deck, your deck contractor will pressure wash it to remove dirt and aging before applying stain or sealant.

What if I’m staining an older deck?

If your deck is looking a bit tired, you may be wondering if refreshing it with a new coat of stain is the best solution. Discussing your options with a professional deck builder in Woodbridge VA is a good place to start. To keep your deck looking great and prolong its life, your deck contractor will inspect it for signs of aging such as:

  • Water soaks into the deck boards instead of beading up
  • Your deck has visible mold or mildew
  • The color of your deck has faded over time

If any of these are present, most deck builders in Woodbridge VA will recommend applying a new stain to bring your deck back to life. If your deck is in very poor condition, replacement is generally the best option.

peeling deck

How often should my deck be stained?

As mentioned above, every one to two years is a good rule. You should stain your deck if you notice any of the following:

  • Peeling
  • Bubbling
  • Flaking

Wood decks are prone to shrinking and expanding as the weather changes from dry to wet and hot to cold. This causes peeling and other issues. It’s a great idea to hire a reputable deck builder in Woodbridge VA to periodically check your deck. They can advise you as to whether or not your deck simply needs freshening up, or if you should consider replacement.

Should I hire a professional deck contractor?

We think so! Deck replacement and new deck construction are not easy tasks, but at MidAtlantic Contracting we’re deck experts! We’ve been deck builders in Woodbridge VA for years and can offer you affordable options for the deck you’ve always dreamed of. If your deck needs replacement or you are considering building a new deck, visit us online at or give us a call at 703.492.4663. Our staff is ready to discuss your project and get it off on the right foot!