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Every home should have a deck! A deck increases your outdoor living space, adds value to your home, and is a wonderful spot to spend a cool summer evening or enjoy a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.

But we forget — whether your deck sits high (off a second-story bedroom perhaps) or just slightly off the ground — under every deck is a bounty of usable space that often goes unused. So what should you do with the space under your deck? Let’s look at ways deck contractors suggest you put that space to work!

covered deck with stairs

How To Use the Space Under a High Deck

If you have a high deck on the back of your home — either well above the ground or built out from a second-story, you likely have a considerable amount of space underneath it. So why not use it? Hire a reputable deck builder in Woodbridge VA, to turn that wasted space into living space! One easy option is to install a patio. Adding a patio under your deck creates a covered seating area with built-in shade. This instantly doubles your usable outdoor space and provides a cool place to enjoy hot summer days. Add a hanging bench, some outdoor-rated lighting, and some screening for an intimate nook where you can relax, bug-free, on warm summer nights. If you’re considering installing a second-story deck, MidAtlantic Contracting, an experienced deck builder in Woodbridge VA, can help.

How To Use the Space Under a Low Deck

Not many of us have decks that are super-high off the ground. If your deck is built just a few feet above the ground, it’s impossible to create more living space under it. Instead, consider using that hidden space for storage. Underneath a deck is a perfect space to store things that aren’t affected by changes in weather and temperature — bags of mulch perhaps, or your wheelbarrow. Taking advantage of your under-deck space can free up valuable square footage in your garage or basement. Install gravel or pavers to provide a clean, stable surface on which to place your stored items. This is simple and cost-effective!

wooden deck

Tips for Both Types of Decks

Any qualified deck builder in Woodbridge VA will tell you that if you’re going to use the space underneath it weed prevention is important. Regardless of whether you are installing a patio under a second-story deck or gravel underneath a low deck, you should always put down a good weed barrier first. This will prevent weeds from growing through the stones and keep your new area problem-free for years.

When dealing with a low deck, talk with your deck contractor about ways to prevent animals from setting up residence in your new space. They’ll likely suggest you adding fencing with a latching door around your deck. Low decks look particularly attractive when you add lattice along areas where access is not needed. Flowers and shrubs can be installed to add color and beauty and your yard even more lush and appealing.

Consult the Experts Then Enjoy the Results!

If you are looking for the right under deck solution but aren’t sure where to start, give MidAtlantic Contracting a call to discuss the possibilities. We’ve been a deck builder in Woodbridge VA for years and have built a solid reputation. If you’re in the market for a new deck we’ll help design the perfect deck for you. Call us at 703.492.4663. Our staff is ready to assist you. For more information about MidAtlantic Contracting and what we can do for you, visit us on the web at