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Decks add a certain appeal to a backyard space, as they are aesthetically pleasing and are practical additions to your home. There could be many reasons why you are considering a deck for your home, everything from being unhappy with your backyard to craving a usable space. However, there are some things you should consider when you are thinking about getting a deck for your home and are planning what size it should be.

Size of Your Yard

An important factor to consider when considering different sizes for your deck is the size of your existing yard. This is something to think about before you speak with a deck contractor. Take into account that a portion of your yard may no longer be usable space when a deck is installed. However, underneath the deck can still provide you with storage. If you have a smaller yard and want to keep the majority of the grassy areas, you may consider a smaller deck. If you have a larger yard, you will have more space to work with. This means you may want to consider getting a larger deck. In general, it is up to personal preference on how much of your yard you are willing to sacrifice for your deck. A professional deck builder in Woodbridge VA can inform you of how much grass space you will lose after the installation of your deck to help give you a clearer picture.

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What Will Go On The Deck

What are you planning on putting on the deck? Perhaps, you want just enough space for a few chairs and maybe a table. If you are not planning on putting much out on your deck, then you may want to opt for a smaller size. However, if you are planning on putting a grilling station, a bar, and a dining table then you will need more room for all of those items. You will also want to consider the layout of the items that you are planning on putting out on the deck, as this will help you judge how much space you will need. Speaking with a deck builder in Woodbridge VA can help you determine if your deck will be able to fit everything that you want to put on it.

How Often You Entertain

Consider how often you entertain and have guests over. This could influence what size you would like for your deck. For instance, if you regularly have many guests over and want these guests to be able to use the deck, then you may consider larger options. You may also want to include more seating options out on the deck for these guests, which could lead to needing a bigger deck layout. A deck builder in Woodbridge VA can help to walk you through what size deck you may need according to how many guests you regularly have over.

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