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Renovating and remodeling a home can be really intimidating for any home owner. The process can seem stressful, daunting and an invasion of your space. It requires a lot of time, money and emotional investment. But, your contractor should be your partner in the process, not your foe. So, when you begin the initial process, you should start by asking your contractor a few general questions. This will build your relationship and make you feel more comfortable throughout the entire experience. Here are our guidelines for questions to ask your contractor:

contractor question

  1. What is the project’s schedule? – You should make sure that the schedule of the project fits you and your family’s schedule. This means not only finding out the anticipated end date to the project, but knowing when contractors will show up throughout the week.
  2. Who gets the permits? – Some contractors depend on you to do this yourself. Others will do it for you. Regardless, as a homeowner, you should know what your responsibilities are during the project, so make sure you ask!
  3. Will my pets be a problem? – Not all contracting workers are dog lovers. Although they are coming into your home, you should make sure that your pets are going to be okay for the workers coming in and out. If there is going to be a problem, you will need to find a solution.
  4. Who has access? – This is a big one. You should know who will have access to your home on a daily basis. It will ensure your family’s security.
  5. Shutoffs – Ask your contractor if utility shutoffs will be required during the project. If they will be and you need to know, ask for some notice so that you can plan accordingly.
  6. Budget changes – Ask your contractor about their communication policy when it comes to changes in the budget. Will they let you know immediately or when the project comes to an end?
  7. Parking accessibility – If you live somewhere with limited parking, you will need to make sure that the contractors have easy access to your home. Ask them how many vehicles will be needed on-site and then plan accordingly.

As a general contractor, we hope that you’ll use these questions when you come to us! If you live in Northern Virginia and are looking for a renovation or building project, give us a call today. MidAtlantic Contracting only uses the most professional teams to complete your dream project!