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Installing your own roof can seem like a good idea until it’s time to start hauling materials up the ladder. It may seem to save you money to provide your own labor. However, when needing roofing replacement in Woodbridge, VA there are several factors that can range from the difficult to the downright dangerous when installing a roof.


Getting the old roof off is messy business. You’ll be handling old shingles, old tar paper, old nails, and possibly damaged decking. If the roof has leaked in the past, you may find yourself trying to walk on spongy or damaged decking. The severity of roof damage can make the roof a dangerous place to walk.

Finding yourself knee deep in roof when the decking gives way can be both frightening and upsetting, and you can be badly injured in the process. When looking for roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA MidAtlantic Contracting has years of experience working on roofs both old and new. Before someone takes a dangerous tumble or you need to deal with leaks from rotting, soft decking, contact us for an appointment and assessment of your current roof and how to schedule a safe, quick demolition of the old roof.

Gravity and Ladders

Roofing materials are heavy. Once the old roof is off, you’ll need to repair decking, which means moving sheets of plywood up a ladder or scaffolding and nailing it in place. If it’s at all windy, a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood can become a large, unwieldy and dangerous kite that can knock you back down the ladder. With a skilled crew of quality professionals to repair your Prince William County roof, the construction materials needed can be transported to the roof safely and quickly.

Shingles will need to be moved up in bundles. A bundle of shingles can weigh between 50 and 80 pounds. Depending on the size of your roof, you’ll need to move multiple bundles up to the decking. Once they’re up there, they’ll need to be installed over the felt to keep your home weather-tight. It only takes one surprise rainstorm during your roofing project to soak through and cause untold damage to sheetrock and electrical work, as well as soaking your trusses and framing members. Avoid this risk with a fast, professional crew like MidAtlantic Contracting. We specialize in roofing replacement in the Woodbridge VA area and its surrounding counties.

Felt will need to be rolled out before you install the shingles. This material is rough on your hands. Once you roll it out, you’ll need to staple it in place with manual slap-tacker staplers or electronic or battery powered staple guns. All of this work is tiring for your hands and tough on your skin. Roofing is hard work. A qualified team of professional roofers can save you a lot of worry and exhaustion.

The Art of Shingling

Applying shingles can be fairly straightforward when you get the first row right. Depending on the heat of the day and the amount of direct sunlight the roof gets, you may find that the shingles get softer and more prone to damage as the day goes on. Shingles have a rough texture that sheds water once they’re applied to your roof, but until they’re nailed down, you’ll find that shingles will shred your hands, tear up your work gloves, and wear through the knees of your jeans if you have to crawl around on the roof.

replacing shingles

Get the Flashing Right

Decking, tar paper, and shingles aren’t the whole story of putting up a weather-tight roof. You’ll also need to work around features like chimneys and vents. If not properly treated, these areas will leak when it rains. One bad leak can wipe out any savings you reap by doing your own roof. If you don’t know how to handle flashing, hire someone.


Even with all of this insurance and the skills of a professional crew, accidents can happen. Saving money on your roof won’t count for much if you’re injured in a fall, break a window when the ladder tips or wind up paying for leak damage. For the safety of your person, your family and the security of the investment in your home, hire someone to take care of this crucial project.

Roof work is a highly specialized industry. The risk to your person and home can be truly life-altering. Make an appointment by giving us a call to avoid the problems that can result from an improperly installed roof. Get your project checked out and completed by a professional with the proper insurance, safety equipment and skillset. The peace of mind, and your physical safety, are well worth it.