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Winter weather is unavoidable, but your home can suffer from the effects of winter weather, such as snow and ice buildup. Most of the damage the snow creates on your exterior surfaces will not show up until springtime when sunlight hits it. Many types of damage can occur to your home when winter hits.

1. Decrepit, Cracked or Damaged Walkways and Floors

After the snow melts, it is important to inspect your walkways and patios for cracks or damaged parts. If cracked or damaged, they could absorb water and cause leaks in your foundation. Wood floors can be damaged when water freezes into small areas in the wood as it evaporates.

2. Exterior Paint Damage

Snow can cause exterior paint to peel from the surface, especially in areas prone to heavy snowfall and high winds. The best way to prevent this damage is by ensuring that your exterior paint is completely dry before placing any protective cover on your home, such as a tarp. External paint damage is also most prevalent in color schemes unsuitable for extreme weather conditions.

3. Snow Mold and Fungus

Snow can trap moisture underneath the snow covering your roof, allowing mildew and fungus to grow. Excess moisture in the air and snow can rot your roof’s sheathing and shingles if not managed properly. Ensure water drains away from the top regularly to prevent mold from growing. Snow mold and fungus will weaken your home structure and cause further damage through extensive mold growth. A roof replacement is usually required if mold growth is severe.

4. Cracking and Holes

Broken shingle roof tile in need of repair

The cold winter weather can cause gaps between the shingles on your roof and the wall where they are secured. The holes allow water to leak through and freeze, creating cracks in your roof’s sheathing. Snow can also cause your shingles to crack from extreme weight. The best way to prevent this damage is by having a professional inspect your home for potential problems and replacing missing or damaged shingles.

5. Siding Damage

Over time, siding and trim can fade from extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow, ice, and wind exposure. We recommend installing a sealant on the exterior of your home to prevent the formation of water stains. This can also be applied to the siding contractor inside your home, especially in areas prone to harsh winter weather. Snow accumulation pushes against the surface of your home when it melts, which can cause damage to the siding as it peels off for the melted snow. Siding replacement from a processional siding contractor is usually required when there is extensive damage from snow. Contact MidAtlantic Contracting Inc for convenient siding replacement.

6. Gutters and Downspouts

Even with proper drainage, gutters and downspouts can break from ice accumulation. This can cause water to leak into your home or other problems with your home’s foundation, like cracks in your basement flooring or wall. Remember, routine maintenance is just as important as performing emergency repairs during and after the winter months.

7. Window Screens

Close up image of torn window screen. Anti mosquito net damaged by birds and frequent usage. Protection against annoying insects

Snow and ice can warp your window screens, allowing water to leak into the bottom of the frame and rust the screws that hold them in place. The same goes for wooden frames and siding that is not properly maintained. Snow and ice can add pressure to your window screens, causing them to bend and break from stress. A window replacement is required if your window screens are warped or cracked. MidAtlantic Contracting Inc offers reliable window replacement services.

8. Chimney Damage

The flashing around your chimney can be damaged during the winter and cause water to leak into your home. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, this can also cause water damage to your interior walls. The best way to prevent this type of damage is by having a professional inspect the flashing around your chimney for cracks and roof replacement to prevent leaks.

A properly maintained home during winter can help prevent extensive damage from harsh winter weather. MidAtlantic Contracting Inc recommends keeping your home clean and free of foreign debris during the winter months to prevent damage from occurring.