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Siding installation is an essential step of the home renovation process. It’s not just about how well-made the siding looks but also about how it will protect your home from natural elements like rain, snow, and wind throughout the year. We’re here with a list of six excellent siding care tips that’ll keep your home looking spick-and-span this season.

1. Clean the Siding

While you may not want to do this because the last thing you want to do is clean your house in the dead of summer, there is a reason we put this first on our list. Keeping your siding clean will help protect it from the elements and keep your paint job looking fresh. In addition, cleaning the siding on your home, even if it is just washing the windowsills or wiping down your front door, can make a world of difference when keeping a clean-looking house.

2. Paint the Siding

A contractor or painter in black shirt on a ladder doing exterior paint work on a house with wood siding with blue sky background

Whether it’s a light coat of primer or a more robust paint job, there are a variety of colors to choose from when it comes to painting your siding. So, regardless of your specific needs, you should always make sure that your siding is covered in paint at least every two years. Over time, you will see a gradual transformation in your siding color and style. A siding contract can be expensive, so we recommend researching before doing the paint job.

3. Protect the Siding

Just as you do with your windows, you need to protect your siding from the elements with a siding sealant. This relatively simple application can protect against harsh weather and deter insects and other pests from burrowing into your home. While this may take only a few minutes off of your day, it’s well worth it to protect your home all year round. Also, notice the date on your siding. To prevent sealants from becoming brittle, there is a specific window of time before it becomes necessary to apply additional sealants.

4. Maintain the Siding

Even if you consider yourself an experienced home do-it-yourselfer, some things may need to be fixed under or around your siding that can be very difficult for you or a professional to install. One of them is caulking around windows and doors. A siding contractor can use a caulking gun or small tube to apply a small bead of caulk around your windows and doors. It will help keep them watertight, prevent damage to your siding, and even make your home more comfortable by keeping cold drafts out.

5. Inspecting Your SidingWhite home siding with cracked or chirped

Of course, it’s not just about maintenance and cleaning. It’s essential to take the time to inspect your siding from time to time. Please take a look at any areas that may be cracked or worn, and chalk them up as potential problems for the future. These are expensive issues, especially if it involves siding replacement. Take the time to assess any potential issues before they get out of hand so you can fix them before they get worse, or contact a siding contractor for siding replacement.

6. Call Siding Contractors

It will be vital to call a siding contractor to keep your home looking its best throughout the year. They’ll be able to take care of any significant issues with your siding and keep minor problems from becoming big ones in the future. Make sure that you set aside some time in your summer schedule to complete this work. It will make a massive difference in the state of your home come fall time when cool weather is upon us again.

In conclusion, your home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. So, by making sure that every aspect of your home is kept up to date and looking good, you’ll be able to maximize the value of your investment for years to come. We hope this list will help do short work of protecting that siding installation on your house.