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Deck cleaning seems simple enough, but it takes a lot of effort to get into the routine. You want this deck to be clean all the time, not just whenever people come over. Plan your cleaning routine before you contact a deck builder Woodbridge VA company. Here are a few steps to keep your wooden deck clean year around.

Power Wash the Surface

Wash the surface of your wooden deck using a pressure washer. A regular hose may work if it has a strong jet ejection. You’ll need high-pressure water to force tough stains off of the surface. This technique is more effective than sweeping or mopping in addition to being less strenuous.

Sweep or Mop the Deck

Sweep or mop this area if you cannot use a power washer or you don’t want to increase the water bill. Sweep as often as it’s necessary, depending on how messy the yard is. Save time and effort by using a specific method to sweep effectively. Some people like to start in the middle, but it’s better to start on the outer edge in the corner and sweep toward the center.

sweeping deck

Clean Between the Deck Boards

Remove dirt and debris that has settled in between the wooden deck boards. Use the broom to sweep it out or use the pressure washer. Adjust the pressure on the washer, if necessary. Avoid leaving any debris behind that makes the entire deck look unclean. If you often have problems with the boards, consider using deck builder Woodbridge VA services to install a new and improved design.

Keep Away Pests

Keep away animals that habitually make messes, including defecating, on your deck. Dogs often cause messes along with cats, birds, squirrels, and raccoons. With these messy animals around, you’ll have to clean the deck more often and use stronger cleaning solutions.

Apply a Natural Cleaning Solution

Before washing, apply a natural cleaning solution to loosen up dirt and debris. A solution of water and distilled vinegar is a common option. Since the deck is a lot of space to cover, apply the mixture on isolated areas that have the most stains.

A natural cleaning solution is recommended because you are using it outdoors. Artificial cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals that could leach into the soil and end up in the local water supply. Furthermore, there are many different simple, easy recipes that you can prepare for homemade cleaners.

Apply Wood Polish

Polish gives the wood a new, shiny look. It provides a protective layer against the elements – strong wind, rain, and sunlight. Decks that are polished often last years longer than surfaces that are unprotected. Polished decks are also easier to clean. For a look of clean, attractive wood, plan on applying a new coat of polish at least once a year.

water on wooden deck

Fix the Damages First

Cleaning a deck that shows signs of cracks, splinters, and other visible damages is not recommended. The area still looks unsightly, even if it’s clean. Repair the damages first using a few DIY tools or hire a repair professional. If the repairs are too severe, contact a qualified deck builder Woodbridge VA provider. A deck contractor helps you to rebuild the areas that are damaged but often overlooked.

Deck cleaning is not a popular chore among homeowners. But looking at a dirty, messy deck is not always an option. Anyone can make a plan and set a schedule that is frequent and convenient. Apply wood polish as the finishing touch, and find a deck contractor to make renovations, if necessary. When done right, a clean deck is appealing and lasts longer than the home itself. Before you start cleaning, contact our deck builder Woodbridge VA company to request information about our new installations.