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When someone is considering the exterior color scheme of their home, it’s important to realize the right siding replacement will add significant curb appeal. It will also increase a home’s value. This means when an exterior of a home is being remodeled to increase its resale value, enhance its aesthetics or to increase the curb appeal, the right color choice is essential.


A siding contractor Woodbridge VA knows it helps many people to choose a color scheme for their home after driving around their neighborhood and seeing what siding colors look like on other homes. These are homes that are a similar style.

neighborhood roofs

Complementary Colors

It’s important to consider the main hue of siding color could be darker or lighter. Two or three shades can be used to update doors, trim as well as railings. When considering color, it is essential to choose a complementary color. This is one that will provide a bright focal point.

Updating Exterior Or Building A New Home

It is important to spend time determining what siding installation profile is best. It is possible to mix and match profiles for a good image and color scheme that provides the best curb appeal. If someone has a farmhouse profile, they may want to consider a soft beige and creamy white. A cottage or coastal style may be best with a crisp navy blue or gray.

Roof Color

The lifespan of siding colors is variable. The roof of a home could be there for up to 30 years. This means the color of a home’s roof should be taken into consideration when determining the right siding color. A siding contractor in Woodbridge VA knows if a home’s roofing material is dark, a lighter siding color scheme should be a consideration. When a home has a neutral roof color, there are many more color options.


A home’s architecture can provide the owner with important visual cues concerning the color of vinyl siding. A colonial-style often has white used with unusual accents. This could provide a modern influence with a traditional scheme. Other home styles such as country, cottage and others provide more options when deciding siding installation colors. A siding contractor Woodbridge VA can explain how colors impact different architectural styles.


The way your home appears on a nice sunny day is not how it will appear on an afternoon covered with winter snow. When considering climate, there is a general rule of thumb that people should consider. Intense sunlight will make the colors of a home’s vinyl siding feel brighter.

snowy roofs

House Size

Any siding contractor in Woodbridge VA  will tell you that when someone looks at vinyl color swatches on their home, it could provide a misleading image. Color may appear to be distinctive and rich when viewed as a color on a swatch. When the color is applied to a home that is a mid or large scale, it may become overpowering or even gloomy. Light colors for a small home may cause it to get lost in the surrounding landscaping. Lighter colors can neutralize a home’s features an owner doesn’t want to be emphasized. Darker colors can draw attention to the areas of a home the owner wants to highlight.


A bad match could be a candy-colored home exterior combined with a contemporary landscape. When determining color for siding replacement, it’s important to consider how the landscaping will impact the look of a home.

Time Of Day

When considering a color for a vinyl siding, it is important to see how the color appears in the morning, afternoon as well as evening. Putting paint swatches close to areas of a home that won’t change its color, such as brick foundation, is also a good idea.

Some things can be done to help narrow the selections with vinyl siding color.

  • Dark Colors – They will protect a home from the effects of heat distortion.
  • Shift – Colors shift depending on how the sunlight hits the vinyl siding. This will make it look different from a color chip.
  • House Elements – Exterior palettes can be created around house elements that won’t change. This includes such things as brick components, roofing materials and more.
  • Online Tools – There are online tools available for people to see how their vinyl siding colors will look on their home.

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