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The Ideal option Between Insulated or Hollow Vinyl siding

Every homeowner desires to surround themselves with elegance on the interior and exterior surfaces. Whether you prefer a hollow or an insulated vinyl, it is advisable to understand what each entails. Your siding installation should meet all your needs and change your home for the best. Here are facts you must know between the two options before kick-starting your project.

Features of an Insulated Vinyl Siding

Close up of Light gray or dirty white insulated vinyl wooden home siding panel with imitation wood texture











The insulated vinyl siding comes with an outer layer constructed using a PVC material. Under the top cover is another coating made of polystyrene. The construction makes it ideal for a permanent project since the two layers come packed together using special glue. The siding has a flat and smooth back surface to facilitate the installation process. The insulated vinyl siding requires nails during the installation process.

What to understand about your Vinyl Siding project

The two options are ideal if you desire to have vinyl siding installed in your home. The chief puzzle is to choose what is best between the non-insulated and the insulated one. They vary in several ways, which can help you choose wisely. Here is a brief comparison to understand what each option entails.

Installing a new siding is not an overnight decision. Additionally, it is not a repetitive project since you only need to install a siding once. Besides the insulated vinyl, other options include engineered wood and fiber cement. The coated option is popular in the market than the non-insulated sliding. It comes in multiple colors, making it ideal for all environments. The non-insulated sliding is highly affordable, although it features a traditional method.

The difference in the Overall budget

The overall budget for your project will vary depending on the option you settle on. The insulated vinyl siding costs higher than the hollow option by up to 50%. However, the labor cost should be the same for both options since the procedure is similar. The physical size of a home brings the difference to the overall budget. With the accurate information we provide through our siding contractor Woodbridge VA, you decide whether to stick with the insulated or non-insulated option.

Choosing to do the siding replacement with an expert or doing it yourself may also affect the budget. The insulated vinyl siding requires more material and is bulkier than the non-insulated option. Additionally, it features a higher shipping cost, making it more expensive to purchase and install. On the positive side, the insulated vinyl comes with the flexibility of varying profiles and colors.

Differences in the final results

The image of a home depends on the appearance of the exterior walls. When old and discolored, the entire house may not look appealing. Siding replacement is a dependable option to improve the overall image of your walls. Both insulated and non-insulated vinyl comes in numerous colors to blend your environment perfectly.

Depending on what you wish to achieve, a siding contractor in Woodbridge, VA can advise you on the option and the colors to consider. However, the two options present different results in the end. With an insulated vinyl siding, you will appreciate the appearance of a coated foam. The feature creates room for ideal profiles that can stand extreme temperatures. Non-coated vinyl siding makes the panel vulnerable because of the space it leaves on the surface. The appearance of the wall may suffer defects if exposed to an external impact.

Coziness and energy conservation

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Non-insulated and coated vinyl siding delivers different levels of comfort and saves energy differently. Presumably, insulated siding conserves more than a plain one. Installing insulation reduces the cost of cooling and heating significantly, making it a better option. Additionally, coating the walls improves the overall comfort. It doubles as a beautifier and an air conditioner. Our siding contractor in Woodbridge, VA will advise you accordingly depending on your location and the nature of your home.

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