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We all love our decks! And why not? They provide us with a relaxing space to enjoy the outdoors, to sit and listen to the birds, enjoy a lazy sunny afternoon, or have a cookout with friends and family. Now that the new year has arrived, our thoughts are turning toward the coming spring and spending time in our backyards. But before you can enjoy your deck, you need to build one. Today, there are plenty of excellent-quality, affordable materials available for deck construction, and that’s a good thing because when it comes to decks, quality materials matter.

A deck is an investment in your home — one that should stand up to nature’s harsh elements and require little maintenance. We’ve created this guide to help you understand why choosing quality deck materials will keep your new deck strong and beautiful for years to come.

The BIG question — composite vs. wood

This is a no-brainer. Today’s composite decking is simply better than wood. It lasts longer. It doesn’t require annual sealing or staining. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors, it’s fade resistant, and it doesn’t twist and crack. And here’s something you probably haven’t considered: although wood is initially cheaper, when yearly maintenance is factored in, composite decking costs less than wood over the lifetime of your deck. Be sure to talk with a reputable deck builder in Woodbridge VA, to learn what options are available.

concrete decking

Quality deck materials make for a safer deck

We all want our homes to be safe, happy places, and our decks should be no different. Opting for the highest-quality deck materials you can afford will not only make it beautiful but also as safe as it can be. Professional deck contractors recommend using good construction components and quality composite decking to ensure your deck is free of common safety hazards like splinters, mold and mildew, and wood rot. You’re building a deck for your family to enjoy — it should provide years of safe, problem-free fun.

Quality materials are made to last

This is no small point. Quality deck materials are manufactured to last. When you build your deck out of high-quality materials, you’re investing in your home and your future. Decks offer major appeal to buyers and a deck built with cheap materials can just as easily detract from a home’s value. When you hire a deck builder in Woodbridge VA to build your deck with good materials it can last for decades. Not only will your family enjoy your new deck for years, but potential buyers will see the value!

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Poor quality materials often mean poor quality workmanship

Sure you can get a better price on your deck by using low-quality materials, but is that what you want? Probably not. Reputable deck builders in Woodbridge VA earned their reputations by building good decks. You can’t build a good quality deck without good quality materials. When you are talking with prospective deck builders remember a deck contractor who cuts corners on materials likely also cuts corners on workmanship.

We’ll set you on the right path

As you can see, it makes sense to use the best deck materials you can buy, but at MidAtlantic Contracting we understand that not everyone can afford the top of the line. We’ve been deck builders in Woodbridge VA for years and can offer you a wide selection of quality materials that will fit your budget. If you’re considering building a deck, call us at 703.492.4663. Our staff is ready to assist you. For more information about us, visit