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Are you thinking about getting new siding for your home? If so, consider the benefits of going with vinyl siding. Any experienced siding contractor in Woodbridge VA will tell you vinyl siding is not only attractive, but it’s also durable. Check out the details regarding the level of durability you’ll find in vinyl siding.

Stands Up to Harsh Weather Conditions

If you live in an area with harsh or extreme weather conditions, you can enjoy peace of mind about your vinyl siding installation. Vinyl siding is designed to endure hail, snow, high winds, heavy rain, and even high humidity while still maintaining its attractive appearance. Vinyl siding can last as long as 60 years while looking beautiful on your home.

While vinyl siding endures these conditions, aluminum siding can dent under the pressure of hail or heavy sleet. These dents detract from the look of a home’s exterior.

Wood siding can be damaged by harsh weather conditions as well prompting the need for a homeowner to get siding replacement. Of course, the quality of the wood does contribute to its level of durability.


Resists Corrosion

Another feature that makes vinyl siding durable is its resistance to corrosion. This material doesn’t absorb moisture which protects the siding against corrosion and rotting over time. A professional vinyl siding contractor in Woodbridge VA can show you a comparison between the surface of vinyl and other typical types of siding.

If aluminum siding has damage in the form of a crack or a hole, it can lead to corrosion. Rain and moisture can get into and under the aluminum siding causing it to corrode.

Discourages Insect Activity

Vinyl siding stays intact which doesn’t give insects any place to crawl inside it to cause damage or build a home. Plus, the lack of moisture absorption means mold can’t form on the vinyl making it uninviting to insects.

Wood siding is vulnerable to insects that chew on the material causing damage over time.

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl siding is easy to maintain which contributes to its high level of durability. Once a year, a homeowner can hose the dirt and dust off their vinyl siding. Or, a mild detergent can be applied to the siding with a broom to clean it even more thoroughly.

Wood siding is a high-maintenance choice. It needs to be sealed and painted every five to ten years depending on the weather conditions in your area.

Fiber cement siding needs more maintenance than vinyl siding. It requires repainting over time because the paint can chip and peel off through the years.

vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding is a Smart Choice

So, if you’re looking for siding that is both durable and attractive, vinyl siding is a good bet for you. A reliable siding contractor in Woodbridge VA can provide you with a selection of colors for your vinyl siding that are sure to please. You may want to choose a neutral color to contrast with other darker features of your home. Or, you may prefer vinyl siding in a bright color that gives your home a refreshed look.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a dependable siding contractor in Woodbridge VA we have the expertise and skills to handle the job! We have a selection of colors so you can choose the vinyl siding that fulfills your vision for your home. Contact our team about vinyl siding replacement on your current home or siding installation on a brand-new home. Let us improve the look of your home’s exterior today!