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No part of the house is invincible after a certain number of years. A deck could collapse if enough water gets under it. Prevent accidents and injuries from happening by making your deck as safe as possible. Here are 4 features that a deck builder in Woodbridge VA like Midatlantic Contracting should install to keep your deck safe and secure.

1. Railings

Railings prevent your guests from falling from the deck several feet onto the ground below. Railings are not recommended on low-lying decks since the risks of steep falls are low. This safety feature should be installed on decks that are 30 inches or higher. The railings should be at least three feet high and reach the average person’s waist. This feature is also effective at keeping out intruders, including animals, that may venture into the yard and try to come onto the deck.

wooden deck railings

2. Sealants

The best deck builder in Woodbridge VA offers the addition of a sealant. Preferably, your deck must be thoroughly sealed or coated to resist structural damages. The other reason for this treatment is safety. It’s common for people to walk barefoot on the deck’s surface. Sealant prevents the person from receiving splinters that can lead to infections.

A well-coated patio is easier to keep clean and prevent the buildup of bacteria and debris. Also, a sealant increases the lifespan of the wood, making it less likely to deteriorate under harsh weather conditions.

3. Ledger Board

A freestanding patio does not need a ledger board that is attached to the house. This board provides the structural strength that your deck needs to remain sturdy for years. As the board rots and decays, parts of the deck will start to break off. The use of pressure-treated wood is recommended in the installation; however, brick, stone or concrete are materials to avoid.

A qualified deck builder in Woodbridge VA follows special precautions when building in areas where it constantly rains or snows. The boards must be smooth, straight and perfectly aligned before being installed. It’s important to determine the right installation technique to use for the type of deck.

carpenter building deck

4. Flashing

Flashing is not required but optional for decks where large volumes of water collect after rainstorms. In most geographic areas, flooding is a common problem in the backyard. Flashing is a guard that moves the water onto the ground. This structure is necessary because too much water causes extensive damages. Like with indoor plumbing, a small leak can start in one area, grow in size and then spread throughout the building.

No flashing increases the risks of mold development. Mold is difficult to remove from wood and may cause health problems to people who receive long-term exposure. After a while, the entire wood structure has to be replaced.

Making your deck safe is work that should not be done by any deck contractor. We are an experienced deck builder in Woodbridge VA who understands basic structural engineering. Our deck contractor is available to renovate an old patio or build you a new one. Choose from our local deck installation services and costs that fit any budget. Contact us today!