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Depending on where you live, problems with your roof will vary by region. Colder climates experience problems related to freezing temperatures, and those in the deep South will have heat issues with their roofs. However, in either climate, moisture is the more common factor, and it causes many problems unless you prepare for them ahead of time. And, roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA, will ensure that your roof won’t suffer the problems that Mother Nature decides to bestow on the best protection from the elements you have.

We’ll talk about the 5 most common signs that signal it’s time for a roof replacement. In northern Virginia, we share weather that likes to create roofing problems but rest assured. The roofing companies in northern Virginia have seen every possible roofing problem and know how to fix them.


Roof Leaks

Without question, roof leaks are one of the most common roofing problems, and they are caused by many issues like broken shingles or flashing around pipes and chimneys or gutters.

Roof leaks typically start somewhere other than where you first see them, and the best way to locate them is inside the attic. Look for signs of water or mold. If you have vaulted ceilings, you’ll need to look at the roof from the outside, but that’s unsafe unless you know what you’re doing. It’s best to contact one of the professional roofing companies in Northern Virginia for help in solving your roof leak.

Curled or Broken Shingles

Roofing in Woodbridge takes a beating because of the extremes in weather conditions experienced here. High temperatures in the summer months and heavy rain with high winds combine to torture the roofs. Thermal shock from high heat tends to cause shingles to tear away, leaving sections of the roof unprotected.

Other times, when the temperature drops below freezing, moisture in the shingles and the roof start to expand and can cause shingles to break. That condition is rare with today’s advanced technology in manufacturing shingles, but older homes may still be susceptible to this type of damage. If you see the corners of shingles starting to curl, not only is that creating another unprotected space on the roof, but it’s also a sign of old age.

Like anything man-made, shingles have a finite time to perform their best. If your shingles have 20 or more years on your roof, it’s time to consider roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA, for the best results.

red shingles on roof

Visual Inspection Shows Missing Granules

Missing shingle granules is never a good sign. That shows the singles can longer protect your roof and might cause a leak, among other things. The granules end up somewhere, probably in your downspouts or piled up in your gutters where water can pool and cause leaks.

Check your downspouts for a buildup there, too. If you see it there, that’s confirmation your shingles are failing fast. The best solution is a roof replacement because if the current conditions continue, the damage will worsen, adding to the cost of replacement.

Moisture and Mold

Roofing in Woodbridge is just as likely to experience problems as other areas where moisture becomes a problem. Too much shade won’t allow the roof to dry properly and creates an ever-growing moisture problem.

Attic temperatures that don’t match the outdoor temperature invite moisture problems because the warm, moist air from the house gets trapped in the attic. Ventilation in the roof is crucial to avoid moisture buildup, condensation, and, worst of all, mold growth.

Also, if the ventilation problem continues, the moisture and condensation eventually attack the plywood roof and cause rot, which can only lead to a new roof. If the condition of your roof is at the point of no return, you should consider your options for roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA.

Obvious Damage to Your Roofing Materials

Mother Nature is a roof’s worst enemy, and time and again, damage from nature that causes your roof to deteriorate is a cause for immediate concern. For example, if you see rusty nails or cracked shingles and old sealants letting loose around flashing, it’s time to get to the cause and repair or replace your roof sooner than later.

This type of condition doesn’t give you the luxury of time because if it’s left unattended, severe leaks could occur, or your roof could be damaged beyond reasonable repair. To avoid these conditions from showing up in the first place, it’s important to have your roof inspected regularly.

Understandably, taking on a roof replacement is a headache any time it happens. Fortunately, all types of roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA, are available from roofing contractors with your best interest in mind. Call MidAtlantic Contracting for a free quote!