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After a storm, it is extremely important to survey your home for damage. Even if your area did not experience a hurricane, a severe thunderstorm may compromise your roof or other parts of your house. High winds and hail can cause problems that must be taken care of before they become more expensive repairs. If your home needs roofing replacement Woodbridge VA, it is best to have it done quickly to avoid damage to the interior. What are some of the signs that your roof was damaged during a storm?

Obvious Damage

Some types of damage are obvious when you look at the roof. Unless your roof was actually blown off the home, simply walking around on the ground will not give you a good idea of all the damage. Getting on the roof is the best way to check for problems. Roofing companies northern Virginia can do a complete inspection and advise you on what is needed to repair your roof.

roof damage after a storm

The Shingles

If you have a shingle roof on your home, you may notice missing or damaged shingles. Even if shingles are not missing, they may be curled. When this happens, the seal that holds them together has been broken. Another storm with wind-driven rain can cause more damage to your home because the water will get under the shingles. When you need repair for roofing woodbridge, contact an expert for an estimate.

Do your shingles appear to have dents in them? If so, this is usually due to granules that offer protection from severe weather being crushed or knocked loose, generally during a hailstorm. The shingles may look shiny when this happens. Inspect the gutters because sometimes they will be full of the granules. Roofing companies northern virginia can assess the damage and determine if it needs repair or if you need roofing replacement Woodbridge VA.

Damage That is Not Obvious

Sometimes your roof is damaged and it is not obvious. This is why it is important to call an expert in roofing Woodbridge. You may think you weathered the storm just fine, and the next time it rains, you discover leaks inside your home. Check around light fixtures and your ceilings. If water is present, it means there is a leak. Attics should be inspected carefully. Look for spots that appear damp where the ceiling and the walls join on exterior walls of your home.

tree falling on house

When the Shingles Do Not Appear Damaged

Looking for dents and dings on asphalt shingles is only one way of checking for damage. Just because they are not present does not mean your roof has no damage. A thorough inspection of the shingles should be done. One way of doing so is by running your hand over the shingles. If you feel an indention, press on it and see if it gives. If so, this is an indication of deterioration. You may need roofing replacement Woodbridge VA. This type of damage is not generally confined to one area of the roof.

The Ridge Cap

The ridge cap on your roof also needs to be checked for damage. Because it is flat, it will be the area of the roof that is affected more directly than the rest. During a heavy storm, the wind will often gust, and this can pull the ridge cap loose from the roof. This must be repaired quickly or leaking can occur.

The roof protects your entire home. It is crucial to have it checked regularly. If you have experienced a storm or hurricane, it is even more important to have your roof checked by a professional. Whether you need roofing replacement Woodbridge VA or repairs, contact MidAtlantic Contracting right away!