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Our homes require repairs and replacements to maintain a pristine look. Vinyl is one of the most affordable materials for siding replacement and enhancing home appeal. Besides aesthetics, the material is fade-resistant, insect-proof, and weatherproof. In other words, it is highly durable and remains indestructible under normal circumstances.

color of sidingOur Siding Options

Coventry Brochure

If you are looking for a tip-top siding replacement, then Coventry from Alside will interest you. This performance-engineered product incorporates quintessential siding features to provide your home with unmatched protection.

It is also easy to clean as you only need to rinse it occasionally with a garden horse to keep the low gross finish and cedar grain texture looking natural for years on end. A garden horse rinse is enough to get rid of dirt and dust. This easy-care feature makes it a favorite among siding contractor Woodbridge VA.

Coventry vinyl siding is built for harsh weather. It is not susceptible to warping and rot caused by moisture. What’s more? It is dent-resistant, meaning it will maintain an attractive finish for years. Essentially, Coventry is a beautiful vinyl siding that enhances curb appeal and home value. There five different profiles and a whole lot of decorative accessories and trim to match your taste.

Odyssey Plus

Odyssey Plus offers premium siding options without incurring extra costs. It is available in 24 attractive and timeless colors and matching accessories and trim. With four different profile options, you can rest assured you will find one that suits your style. Odyssey plus is a suitable choice for homeowners looking for a siding that adds visual appeal and maximum protection of the house exterior. The double nailing fin makes installation is a breeze.

Charter Oak

Charter Oak from Alside is a high-performance siding product that boasts of unmatched durability. It is installed using a double-thick nail help to withstand strong winds. Charter Oak can withstand category five hurricane-force winds. Even better, Charter Oak comes in numerous colors to allow you to choose an appearance that tickles your fancy. Charter oak combines high performance and extended durability to provide you with excellent home protection.

new-grey-sidingTypes of Vinyl Siding

There are myriad types and color choices to match your home style. Below are different vinyl siding types.

  • Shake Siding: Shake siding looks like overlapping logwood pieces. Differentiating between wood shake and vinyl shake can be confusing. A Siding contractor in Woodbridge VA uses this vinyl siding option in two ways. First, you can use it on one side of the house to create a lovely accent. Also, you can use the shake siding installation for the whole house. In the latter case, it creates a dramatic statement and a unique look. Many homeowners endear this style due to its high end and rustic appearance. Instead of using natural wood, which is very expensive, vinyl gives you a similar look at a significantly less amount. The best part is that it is not susceptible to rotting, mold, or insects.
  • Vertical Siding: Vertical siding is an ideal choice if you want to give your home a contemporary look. It is used to accent particular areas such as porch walls, gables, dormers, and entryways. Typically, this vinyl siding installation is used in modern designs. However, you can design your home style to have a rustic appearance. Vertical siding is your best bet if you want to incorporate modern convenience in an old house.
  • Dutch Lap Siding: Dutch lap siding is one of the most common types of vinyl siding. It is characterized by a decorative groove that forms adorning shadow line at the top of the board. The groove adds more dimension and depth to the home appearance. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, the groove strengthens the siding. This prevents a wavy appearance on the siding. This vinyl siding is your ideal choice for replacement if you want a classic and clean appearance. Dutch lap siding is a variation of traditional clapboard siding. Its log-like, and rustic appearance is similar to colonial-style architecture.
  • Board and Batten Siding: If you are looking for a siding replacement, then you should consider board and batten style. It features pieces of siding with varying widths in a vertical pattern. The vertical boards are separated by a batten, which is a thinner vertical strip. This siding replicates a natural wood board and batten design. Board and batten is an ideal choice if you want a unique look with a great dimension. Here is the best part. This style is suitable for different home styles ranging from a classic design to contemporary ones. Involve services of siding contractor in Woodbridge VA to accent different parts of your house using board and batten vinyl siding. Board and batten are typical in modern farmhouses. They add contemporary aesthetics in rustic house exterior. Also, the siding tends to tend to increase the height of your home visually.
  • Scalloped Siding: Like other vinyl siding options, you can use scalloped siding for the entire house. It provides unique elements and details. Consider hiring a siding contractor in Woodbridge VA to accent gables, dormers, eaves, and other upper parts of the home using scalloped siding. This vinyl siding style features half-round shingles. Using too many horizontal and vertical lines will make the round edges to break the home pattern. Scalloped siding is conventional in Victorian designs to accent architectural features. What’s more? They come in a different color from the rest of the home.
Your Ideal Siding Option

Vinyl siding comes with numerous benefits. It is maintenance-free, meaning that you do not have to worry about staining, painting, and rotting. If part of your siding gets damaged, a siding contractor in Woodbridge VA can easily replace it with vinyl pieces. While there are numerous types of vinyl sidings above are the most common.

You can count on us for quality siding installation and replacement services, rest assured we will exceed your expectations. Contact us today for more information on the same, get a quote, and let’s get started.