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Thousands of homeowners are sent to the hospital every year with injuries from cleaning their gutters. This news might cause owners to postpone gutter cleaning due to the fear of getting injured. Since you might feel scared to do it on your own, the good news is roofing companies in Northern Virginia and roofing replacements in Woodbridge VA will do the job for you.

However, if you insist on cleaning the gutters yourself, you can implement safety measures to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Here are common mistakes to avoid when cleaning gutters:

Not Cleaning Gutters Often

As mentioned earlier, procrastinating is a common issue homeowners have due to the fear of climbing a ladder and possibly getting injured. Your goal is to clean the gutters at least twice a year. However, if your yard has trees and luxurious landscaping, your gutters will build up with debris that makes the task more difficult when you finally get around to cleaning the mess. Instead, mark your calendar twice a year and tackle the grit in the gutters, it will make your life as a homeowner easier in the long run.

You Don’t Wear Protective Gear


Man with green gloves standing on the ladder and cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves


Do you wear your favorite t-shirt and sweat pants to clean the gutters? Chances are you have ruined plenty of sentimental pieces of clothing, damaged your skin, and got minor to severe cuts and are ready to contact roofing companies in Northern VA. Protect yourself by wearing the right gear that includes rubber-soled shoes, gloves that have grip features, and close-fitting clothes.

You Choose the Wrong Time to Clean the Gutters

Do you wait until the day before storm season to clean the gutters? You are not alone but it’s best to plan ahead when you live in an area that experiences harsh weather during winter and summer. If your area is already experiencing harsh weather that prevents you from accessing your roof safely, contact professionals in roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA, or roofing companies in Northern Virginia.

Not Using the Right Tools

Most homeowners use to scoop the leaves out with their hands while wearing gloves technique which is very effective. However, you can make this task much easier by investing in tools such as a shop vacuum that features an attachment specially designed for cleaning gutters.

Ignoring Ladder Safety Precautions

Do you climb the ladder barefoot without anyone holding the ladder? While you might be an experienced daredevil, it’s best to take proper safety measures when using a ladder.

Here are helpful ladder safety tips to follow:


Man with red shirt Cleaning Gutters on Ladder

* Avoid using ladders if you are prone to dizzy spells or losing your balance easily. Instead, call in professional roofing companies in Northern Virginia.
* Avoid using ladders during storms. If you live in an area that has frequent storms that cause roof and gutter damage, you can get it fixed by contacting professional roofing replacement companies in Woodbridge VA.
* Inspect the ladder before use to ensure it doesn’t have damage.
* Ask someone to hold the ladder for added support.
* Place the ladder on a firm surface to make it stable.
* Wear work boots or sneakers that have a strong grip sole when climbing the ladder.
This helpful information either helped encourage you to clean the gutters safely or ask for help from professional roofing in Woodbridge. It’s important to know your limits as a homeowner since a serious injury has occurred from gutter cleaning. Ask for help when you need it and make sure you contact roofing in Woodbridge professionals to get the job done.
The condition of your roof and gutters has a significant impact on the rest of your house. Are you looking for a roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA? Chances are your gutters are not the only issue, and now is the perfect time to contact roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA. Contact us today!