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If your plans for 2019 include hiring a remodeling contractor in Woodbridge VA to update your kitchen, you may be on the hunt for ideas as you begin planning your project. While there some kitchen updates that will always be on most to-do lists, other remodeling details are based on what’s popular with homeowners at the moment. To help you get inspired before you sit down with a general contractor in Northern Virginia from MidAtlantic Contracting to start working out the details, here are some kitchen remodeling trends for your consideration.

Going Sans Handles with Cabinets

One rising trend with cabinet handles is to use unusual items like leather rings or strips in place of traditional handles. Another trendy option is to simply skip handles on your kitchen cabinets altogether. Instead, a remodeling contractor in Woodbridge VA can install stunning new cabinets with cut-out holes or long indents along the base of the cabinet doors.

Customized Sinks for Smaller Kitchens

Some designers have taken the kitchen sink concept and taken it way out of the box. While white and stainless steel sinks are still classic looks that appeal to many homeowners, some homeowners are loving embossed sinks or ones with metallic accents. If you have a kitchen that’s limited on space, a remodeling contractor in Woodbridge VA from MidAtlantic Contracting can install a customized sink with unique accessories and features that make better use of your available space. Possibilities include sinks with:

• Integrated coasters
• Holders for pots
• Removable cutting boards
• Ice buckets

quartz countertop

Hello Quartz, Goodbye Granite

Countertops with eye-catching and durable quartz finishes are nothing new, but this timeless material is still as trendy as ever and will continue to be so throughout 2019. But granite countertops, which were all the rage in the ’90s and early 2000s, are on the decline – although this is a good thing considering how porous and susceptible to bacteria they are if not properly cared for.

Open Shelving as a Storage Option

Do you have beautiful dishes and glasses only seen when it’s time for dinner parties or special family gatherings? Use your kitchen remodel as an excuse to put these visually appealing items on display by opting for open shelving for storage. Wall racks can be used for your utensils, and you can still have a few select closed cabinets here and there for special dinnerware you only use occasionally so it doesn’t collect dust.

Richer, Colorful Tones and Less White

When you get to the point where you discuss colors for your kitchen update with a remodeling contractor in Woodbridge VA, don’t be afraid to embrace rich, colorful tones and hues. In fact, the trendy thing for 2019 is less white, supper bright kitchens and more personalized spaces with moodier, rich tones. Some trendy kitchens are even bathed in dark and dramatic shades of green, earthy terracotta, or vibrant hues.

terrazzo backsplash in kitchen

Switching Things Up with Materials

An interesting trend that’s emerging for 2019 is finding create ways to use certain materials in kitchens. Terrazzo, for instance, is a material that was once widely used in schools, hospitals, and similar buildings. But now it’s being increasingly used for renovation projects – including ones involving kitchens. This Italian style that consists of bits and pieces of materials like marble, quartz, and granite has even been used for wall facing and in similar non-floor areas.

Mixing and Matching and Minimalist Looks

If you prefer a bold kitchen, you’ll likely gravitate towards the mix and match trend in 2019. This basically means embracing unexpected juxtapositions with flooring, lighting, countertops, and cabinets. However, if you want an uncluttered look, you might appreciate the concept of Hygge, which includes cabinet alternatives and clutter-free surfaces. Another option is to go minimalist with clean-lined cabinetry and straight lines instead of molding and heavy finishes.

Now that you know what’s trending for 2019 with kitchen remodeling, it’s time to find a remodeling contractor in Woodbridge VA prepared to turn your vision into a beautiful and affordable reality. Fortunately, the skilled team from MidAtlantic Contracting is prepared to deliver prompt, top-quality results tailored to your needs and budget. Contact us today schedule a meeting with a general contractor in Northern Virginia from MidAtlantic Contracting.