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Here are some advantages and why you should choose composite decking.

Durable Finish

The material for composite decking is often all-weather and natural. We make the material from wood that can withstand pressure and harsh weather for a long. While regular wood dries, fades and cracks, the composite decking will stay put in its usable for longer.

Natural Color and Texture

The material in composite decking has a natural color that easily matches well with natural flooring and furnishings for both indoor and outdoor environments. It also helps to create new colors and patterns on your floor without affecting its functionality and design.

Large composite deck on a luxury home in the woods photographed at night

Easy Use

The composite deck is manufactured to stay sturdy. Our manufactured products can withstand pressure, tensile force, and other aspects that come with use in stairs, floors, and railings. We trim and shape the material for the different parts without leaving sharp edges and protrusions that are a danger to the users.

Cons of Composite Decking

Higher installation and replacement cost

The price of these products is relatively higher, especially when compared with other project alternatives in the market. Composite decking costs about 50% more than regular lumbered timber products. When the cost of replacement due to weather and breakage comes in, the price is even higher.

Little Value and Return

The replacement costs are inevitable, especially if you use composite decking for the floor and other commonly used parts of the house. Parts will give way to pressure, age, and weathering and need replacement. While there is aesthetic value, its installation comes at a cost too.

Inflexible Look and Design

The natural color and final look in the composite deck are permanent after you are done working it. When change is necessary, you may need to replace and redo the entire flooring and other components to get a different design and finish.

Use of Timber

Ultimately, you cannot avoid timber in composite decking. Components and parts will still require wood to bring together and develop the right finish. You will have to factor in availability and budget after looking into this inevitability.

New wooden, timber deck being constructed

As you can see, using the greatest deck materials available makes sense, but at MidAtlantic Contracting, we recognize that not everyone can afford the best. We’ve been deck builders in Woodbridge VA for years and can provide you with a large range of high-quality materials that are within your budget. Call us at 703.492.4663 if you’re thinking about installing a deck. Our crew is standing by to assist you.