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We can all agree that northern Virginia an especially Woodbridge is a great place to call home. When planning for a home improvement project, building a deck is one of the most reliable ways to enlarge your living space. This means that you will have more space outside the share to share your family and friends’ love and spend time together. Moreover, building a deck for your home could add value to the property. Given the great benefits that come with having a patio, it’s vital that you get an experienced deck contractor to handle the job for you.

We are the leading deck builder Woodbridge VA, and the larger northern Virginia. We have spent years helping homeowners like you turn their outdoor home experience into the paradise they have always wished for. Here are some important tips for deck building that you should take note of.

1. What is the purpose of the deck

Consider the deck’s purpose – what it will be used for and the activities that it might have to accommodate. For example, if you will be using the patio to grow potted flowers, it likely won’t have to be as big as it would be if it will be hosting small parties.

2. Visualize the deck layout will you be going for

It’s vital that you have a rough idea of what your deck layout will look like before construction commences. You can create an outline of the patio using sticks and stakes. Thereby, you can easily make necessary adjustments to your design before construction begins.

3. Consider which deck materials suit your needs

As the top-notch deck builder Woodbridge VA, we have been called numerous times by clients who needed our help sorting the troubles with their decks because they used the wrong wood material. You have the following material options depending on your needs;

• Manufactured wood is highly durable and low maintenance
• Pressure-treated wood is reasonably priced, waterproof, and easy to stain
• Composite wood is long-lasting as it doesn’t crack or splinter and is available in various textures and colors
• PVC wood is resistant to termite and moisture damage
• Redwood, cedar, and some other hardwoods are eye-catching and easy to install but need frequent maintenance and waterproofing


4. How much weight do you need your deck to support?

Placing excess weight on the deck is one of the leading causes of deck damage. Before the patio construction commences, we recommend that you figure how much weight you need it to carry. Make sure the construction standards of the deck meet the anticipated weight burden.

5. Have some drainage spaces between deck boards

Most types of wood materials don’t do well when soaked in water. However, in our experience as deck contactors deck contractor, your deck will likely last longer if the water that might be sitting on top of it can easily drain. This is why you need some drainage spaces between deck boards.

6. Decide on deck pattern and stain

Your deck is part of your house; therefore, it needs just as much aesthetic attention. You should settle on a deck pattern and stain that compliments the style of your house. As expert deck builders Woodbridge VA, we can make your deck feel like an outdoor extension of your home’s interior or its own space.


7. Add finishing touches

Once your patio construction is done, add some finishing touches to make it spectacular. You can customize it with accent lighting, pergolas, post trim, lattice skirts, and more.

Are you looking to have expert hands work on your deck construction for spectacular results? We are the best deck builders Woodbridge VA, and hundreds of our happy clients can attest to this. Call us now and visit our website to request a free quote.