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When a homeowner is ignoring the condition of a roof, it can lead to expensive problems for a home. It is essential to contact roofing companies in northern Virginia for an annual inspection of a home’s roof. If a terrible rainstorm or blizzard travels through this region, then our roofing in Woodbridge technicians recommend an additional inspection to find any damage that has occurred. Occasionally, a property owner must invest in a total roofing replacement in Woodbridge Va. Here are some of the ways that a roofing replacement in Woodbridge Va., is beneficial and can save money throughout the year.

Six Benefits from a New Roof

Benefit 1: Preventing Water Damage

If a home’s roof is degrading, then the moisture from snow, rain or ice will leak into the building’s underlying structures. After a few months, this water can begin to trickle deeper into a home, causing additional damage that requires an expensive repair.

Benefit 2: Avoiding Electrical Wire Issues

As the water seeps into the living areas of a home, the moisture can ruin the building’s electrical system. Homeowners may notice brownouts in a home or electrical outlets that are nonfunctional. The power surges in a home can destroy major appliances and electronics, so it is vital to contact our roofing in Woodbridge technicians to plan a repair right away. When homeowners fail to repair a roof, it can lead to an expensive electrical repair.

new insulation in roof

Benefit 3: Maintaining Adequate Climate-control during the Winter

Modern insulation materials will keep a home warmer during the winter, so upgrading to a new roof before winter arrives is an excellent plan. A roofing replacement in Woodbridge Va., expert can show a homeowner how the layers of a new roof will protect the home’s occupants from cold temperatures. Property owners will notice a reduction in a home’s heating bills with a new roof.

Benefit 4: Preventing Mold Damage

If a home’s occupants are suffering from allergy symptoms such as a runny nose or sinus congestion, then it is possible that the building has a mold infestation. Roofing companies in northern Virginia can check a home’s attic space and rooftop to determine if there are moisture leaks. When there is constant moisture leaking into the roof, property owners may notice a musty odor in a home along with seeing fuzzy or slimy mold growth on the ceiling or walls. The removal of mold contamination is expensive, and also, it is possible to have expensive health issues from the exposure to the mold.

Benefit 5: Keeping a Home Cooler during the Summer

When a home is located in a sunny area, it is possible for the roofing replacement in Woodbridge Va., contractor to use shingles that reflect the heat from the sun. In addition, the new insulation layers will keep the cool air created by an air conditioner inside a home. Homeowners can compare the cost of cooling a building with a new roof to understand the way that it saves money throughout the summer.

raccoon on roof

Benefit 6: Avoiding Pest Infestations into a Home

With new roofing in Woodbridge, it is possible to avoid several types of pest infestations. The new sturdy shingles and underlying layers can make it difficult for birds or rodents to enter a home’s attic. When there are no small holes in the roof, insects such as honeybees are less likely to enter small holes to build beehives underneath the rooftop. Eliminating pests with an exterminator is expensive, but it is preventable by contacting MidAtlantic Contracting Inc., at 703-492-4663 to learn about roofing replacement in Woodbridge Va.