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Although roofs are susceptible to damage by all kinds of ecological events and natural calamities, wind damage is more prevalent. As one of the most successful roofing companies in Northern Virginia, our experience as MidAtlantic Contracting is that wind can cause damage to the roof without any other contributing factors like thunderstorms. Even more worrying is the fact that even relatively slow winds can result in roof damage. Studies have revealed that in some cases, wind with speeds low as 50 mph can inflict roof damage.

Should you be worried?

How badly your roof is damaged by wind will depend on its age and its wind resistance rating. As a resident of Virginia, we advise that if you get roofing shingles that are rated for 160 mph wind resistance. This is because the state has been a victim of several hurricane winds in the last two decades. The worst incident was Hurricane Isabel in 2003, which caused upwards of $1.85 billion in damages.

very old roof

At MidAtlantic Contractors, we offer roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA, so you don’t have to worry about your old roof giving in during strong winds. The problem with wind damage to the roof is that it opens your house to further damage by other elements like water from rainfall. Here are tips for spotting wind damage on your roof.

Look Out For Missing Shingles

To check your roofing in Woodbridge for wind damage, look out for missing shingles, especially around the edges and corners of your roof. Your roof is likely to miss an entire shingle if it was exposed to notable high-speed wind. Moreover, it can be an indication that your roof it’s too old that’s starting to fall apart even under low-speed wind. Either way, you should contact a roofing technician to come and inspect your roof to provide a clearer picture of its state.

Curling or Bent Shingles

In the 40 years that we have been doing roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA, we have noted that many homeowners seldom notice the early signs of wind damage to their roof. They only realize that there is a problem with their roof once a shingle is blown off. Don’t let this be you; we advise that you check your roofing for curling and bent shingles which are the early signs of wind damage every 2 to 3 months. Replacing your home’s entire roofing in Woodbridge can be expensive for an average homeowner. Noticing the early signs of wind damage to your roof in time will allow you to take control of the situation before it gets worse and costs more to address.


Inspect Your Ceiling for Signs of Leaks

Sometimes it can be hard to notice any wind damage on your roof via an outdoor inspection. This is why you should also inspect your leaks for any signs of leaks. The spot you notice leaks are the ones that have some wind damage that only becomes noticeable when it rains. If there are too many leak spots on your ceiling, you should consider getting experts in roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA, to handle the matter.

Check the State of Your Chimney

As the chimney in your home is connected to your roof, it can help you notice wind damage. If strong wings have been disturbing the shingles on your roof for some time, you may see your iron, steel, copper, or aluminum chimney is slightly bent. If you have a concrete chimney, you will notice water flowing down into the house due to loose roofing.

Reliable Roofing Replacement in Woodbridge VA

Call MidAtlantic Contractors as soon as you realize your roof has some wind damage. We are among the industry-leading roofing companies in Northern Virginia; thus, you can expect speedy and reliable assistance from us.