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With spring right around the corner, you’ve probably already started planning how you’re going to spend your time outside. Whether it’s grilling or planting new flowers, spring is the time refresh and renew. And after a long winter of freezing temperatures and snow storms, your deck is probably in need of a little TLC.

However, the amount of elbow grease your decks needs to get back into shape depends on what material it is made of. Wooden decks are always going to need sprucing up every so often. You may even want to completely redo your deck, and that’s where a deck contractor comes in. A MidAtlantic deck contractor can help you build the deck of your dreams, all within your budget.

Continue reading to learn a few ways to prepare your deck for springtime weather.

Clean the Deck

Before anything else, you need to clean your deck. Remember to remove all of your furniture and plants before cleaning. Use a leaf blower to push all of the debris off of the deck. Afterward, utilize a power washer with the right solution that accommodates the material your deck is made out of to power wash.

deck staining

Choosing the Right Stain

After the deck is power washed and dries out, you can consider adding stain to your deck. Not only will choosing the right stain to improve the overall appearance, but it also protects the material from harmful UV rays. The UV rays have the potential to destroy the deck before it ever needs to be replaced.

Keep in mind that both sunlight and moisture are the only two things that can eat away at wood. If this happens, a deck builder in Woodbridge VA who can quickly identify issues and make recommendations.

If your wooden deck is in top form, try going with a transparent stain. For those who have an older deck, a solid or an opaque stain is in your best interest.

Deciding On the Right Upgrades

Now that you have your deck all shiny again, think back to last year. Did you need something before but couldn’t get it? Maybe you wanted to upgrade your deck lighting, or maybe you simply wished for a little more shade. In that case, consider getting a large umbrella or a pergola. Were you hoping to enjoy your coffee more outside but it kept getting too cold? Investing in a deck heater will save the day.

It’s best not to wait for things like this, especially in the spring. Upgrading your deck saves you the hassle for having to prepare for summer as well. And the best part is, a deck builder in Woodbridge VA can help you prepare for warmer weather now!

man replacing deck planks

Replacing the Planks

After clearing off everything off your deck, inspect the condition of the planks. Should your deck have paver stones, make sure to look around and see if they need to be replaced by a deck builder in Woodbridge VA.

If your deck is wooden, it’s important to make sure that you don’t have any mold, infestations or wood rot. Preparing your deck for spring is the perfect time to catch these small problems before they become huge eyesores. If you’re having trouble spotting them, why not call a Mid-Atlantic deck contractor? They’re trained to spot abnormalities like these in the blink of an eye.

Everybody wants to enjoy the great outdoors during the springtime! Having an upgraded deck is the perfect way to enjoy the season without leaving the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking for top quality deck replacement, then look no further than MidAtlantic Contracting! We offer more than just simple deck service; we offer roof and gutter service, so contact us using our number at 703.492.4663 for more information today!