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We know that due to the advancements in technology, our lives are easier today than they would have been 20 years ago. But with new technology, we also have the ability to use products that save us money as well as help the environment.

Living in the Northern Virginia area can get costly and finding out ways to save some money is always a treat, so what better way than saving money on your home!

You may think that an “energy-efficient home” costs a lot of money, but it doesn’t. There are numerous ways to make your home more energy-efficient and investing a little bit of money on those “energy-efficient” solutions may save you a lot of money in the long run

Solar Panels: Solar panels will definitely help you cut down on that electric bill since they make their own electricity. While solar panels are on the costly side, this option is slowly becoming more and more affordable as the movement towards green energy grows. Soon enough many homes will have panels installed on their roofs; this is definitely a great investment!

solar panels

Bulbs: LED bulbs is what it’s all about! Almost all TV’s, computers and smartphones use LED technology. And that’s because LEDs are long lasting. Next time your light bulb blows out consider putting LED bulbs on the shopping list.

Insulation: Insulation is a big one! Heat can escape through walls, floors and ceilings. If your home is poorly insulated, you may be losing a lot of money (as well as heat!). We can definitely help you with insulation, our attention to detail will make sure that no heat escapes your home! In addition, according to EPA, a better-insulated home can save you up to 20% on your monthly electricity bill.

Windows: Like insulation, air can escape through windows in various ways! Your heat can be escaping through cracks and drafts or even the glass itself. To plug drafts you can use plastic or a draft snake. But if you rather not worry about it every time it’s cold outside, you should just replace the window! There are many options for energy-efficient windows out there such as multiple panes windows. Replacing windows is always the better option because it will save you from having to pay a large electricity bill every month.

window efficiency

We hope this list provided you with some ideas to make your home more energy-efficient! And if you are ready to lower your energy bill as well as help the environment, you can call MidAtlantic Contracting for insulation, as well as any other remodeling need!