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Adding a deck to your home is always a wonderful choice. But it’s not just about the addition. If you want to keep your deck looking as good as new, you have to maintain it. Regardless of the material of the deck, the maintenance is pretty much the same. And if you keep the maintenance of your deck in mind, your deck will always be ready to host family and friends.

beautiful deck

The first thing that you need to do, is to wash it! And how do you go about it?

  1. Remove the debris between the deck boards; there could be rotting leaves resting on the joists.
  2. Take preventive measures by covering your plants.
  3. Sweep the deck and remove leaves, dirt and twigs.
  4. Choose the appropriate cleanser:
    1. For a wooden deck, some cleansers will require the deck to be wet first, some won’t.
    2. For a composite deck, you need to choose a product that is specifically for composite material.
    3. For a vinyl deck, you can use warm water and mild soap.
  5. Time to clean!
    1. For a wooden deck, either up either garden sprayer or a stiff-bristled brush room. As you clean it do not let it pool or dry before you are done scrubbing. Let it soak in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions and then rinse.
    2. Use a soft brush for a composite deck. Do not use a pressure washer; it could damage the decking. Scrub and rinse.
    3. For a vinyl deck, use a stiff broom and scrub in circular motion. Scrub and then rinse.
  6. After about 2-3 days after cleaning your deck and letting it dry, you can seal it.
  7. Note: Deck sealants aren’t necessary for composite decks.
  8. Choose a nice couple of days and apply the sealer or stain. It is recommended to stain and seal your deck every 2-3 years.

staining deck

Our decks are maintenance-free, but we do recommend to clean your deck, so it keeps its vibrancy. We hope these tips can help you maintain your deck and if you do not have a deck and are thinking of getting one, MidAtlantic Contracting can install the perfect one for your home!