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The deck is the ideal place to entertain friends and family or simply sit and watch a sunset or enjoy a cup of tea. For a deck to last at least as long as the house, it needs the right maintenance. According to MidAtlantic Contracting, our deck builder Woodbridge VA, fall is the ideal time to take care of a deck, as it’s a season that’s usually not too hot and not too cold to work outdoors. Here is how to maintain the deck during the fall.

man washing deck


Fall is the perfect time to wash the deck. A deck that’s not swabbed down now and then holds on to dirt and grit that can get ground down into the wood or material. Even a deck made of vinyl should be regularly washed. Washing the deck is a fairly easy job during mild weather and usually does not mean that the homeowner needs to buy a pressure washer. Indeed, homeowners should steer clear of pressure washers and leave handling them to professionals such as those at our deck builder Woodbridge VA. Just fill a bucket with soap and water, spread it over the deck, and clean it with a push broom or a straw brush kept for that purpose.


If the deck hasn’t been sealed or stained for a few years, now is the time to seal it. Before the deck is sealed, it should be completely cleaned and thoroughly dried, and a deck contractor should inspect it then do the job. Staining and sealing a deck is a task for an experienced professional, for the deck has to be almost completely dry for the stain or sealant to really sink into the pores of the wood. Our professional deck builder Woodbridge VA can check how dry the deck is with a moisture meter.

Trim the Vegetation

Trim and prune nearby bushes and trees. They should be at least one foot away from the deck so that they don’t shed leaves, branches, nuts and fruit all over it or shed water on the deck material. Debris can lead to rot and encourage the growth of mold and moss. Make sure to regularly sweep away leaves and other trash that tend to accumulate in the corners.

furniture on deck

Move the Furniture Around

Though there’s still time before the furniture needs to be brought indoors, move it around the deck to prevent areas of discoloration.

Safety Measures

If the house has gutters and downspouts, make sure that they are sound. Downspouts should not eject water onto the deck, and an unstable gutter can break away from the house and damage it. Check the deck railings to make sure they’re not wobbly and planks to make sure they’re not loose or spongy. Make sure that the deck itself is properly attached to the house. Decks should be attached with bolts and not just nails.

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