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Your backyard deck can be an ideal spot to lounge around, host barbecues, or simply get in some quality sunlight. However, the condition of your deck is crucial when it comes to spending time on these activities. In today’s article, we list seven telltale signs that it’s time to replace your deck.

Signs That Your Deck Needs a Replacement and Not Repair

The following signs indicate extensive damage which requires an overhaul to your whole deck instead of a repair:

  • Rotting Deck and Posts: A rotting deck poses a weak structural foundation. This damage is caused by exposure to water. A leaky roof or exposure to rain can cause your deck to rot over time. Repairing the leaky source can alleviate the symptoms but not eradicate the damage done to your deck. On siting a rotting deck, homeowners should replace it with a complete overhaul using the services of a professional deck builder in Woodbridge VA.rotten deck planks
  • Discoloration: Wooden decks gradually wear out on time. Exposure to outdoor climate and sunlight can weather down even the most resilient of wood. While color blemishes and stains can be easily repaired and repainted, extensive discoloration to the decks wood is an indicator that your deck needs replacement. A deck contractor can help you replace your deck at cost-effective prices.
  • Gapping Between the House and Deck: To keep your deck attached to the house, a ledger board is used. These boards are structurally resilient and help keep the decks’ weight balanced. These boards are best replaced and not repaired. Hence when damaged, they can affect the gravity and entire structure of the deck. This poses a safety risk to those who aren’t keen. One nudge can cause the structural integrity of the deck to collapse thus potentially harming people around. Furthermore, rain and moisture can slip through these gaps thus ruining the underlying foundation and woodwork of the house. This is a clear indicator that you require urgent deck replacement services.
  • Deck Surface Damage: Over time, your deck is susceptible to wear and tear. Extensive surface damage on your deck is a sign that you should seek out a deck contractor for replacement. The most common types of surface damage are weathering, mold, spores, and rot.
  • Loose Railing: If your railing seems shaky and unstable, it’s a clear sign of deck damage. Weak rails can affect the strength and condition of the deck below. At this point a deck replacement is recommended. You can find the services of a reliable deck builder in Woodbridge VA to help replace your deck with a new sturdier one.deck railing
  • Anchor Erosion Damage : Deck foundations are mostly anchored deep into concrete or into the ground. Several things can affect these posts such as water sipping into the base, or soil erosion. Even when repaired, a destabilized anchor point can lead to an unstable shaky deck. If not replaced soon, this can pose a footing hazard to others. Calling the service of a nearby expert deck builder in Woodbridge VA can solve your deck replacement needs.
  • Your Deck is Way Too Old: Consider arranging an inspection check from deck builder in Woodbridge VA, to evaluate the age of your deck. Experts with prior knowledge in decks can easily inform you whether your deck is post-dated. Decks older than six years shouldn’t be repaired. They should be replaced immediately.

Here at MidAtlantic Contracting we provide quality deck replacement services at affordable rates. Say goodbye to uneven paneling, broken posts, decaying wood and hello to the comfort of a new deck.