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If you own a deck in any location that encounters harsh winters, you may believe that your deck is completely unusable during those cold months. However, this isn’t true, as there are many ways for you to keep your deck warm during even the chilliest of afternoons, some even as simple as adding some extra furniture.

And, if you do not yet have a deck, consider seeking a deck builder to get yourself a new deck that you can heat with these quick tips.

How to Actively Keep Your Deck Warm

There are actually 2 different methods of heating a deck: actively and passively. Active heating requires the use of heating devices, whether they are permanently fixed somewhere on the deck or are able to be moved around and even removed during the summer.

Add a Fire Pit

Fire pits are perhaps the most common way to warm a deck during any time of the year. Fire pits can be either gas or wood-based, meaning the fire is either started with gas or plain wood. Both types put off a lot of smoke, though, and can only heat a small area of decking. However, fire pits are generally very inexpensive to purchase and maintain.

Add a Space Heater

Portable Electric Heater on a wooden floor

Just like a fire pit, a space heater is removable from your deck and can be placed where you would like heat the most. They can be fueled by either wood or gas, like natural gas or propane, but they will need their fuel tanks refilled often—usually once every 8 to 10 hours of use.

Add a Wall or Ceiling Mounted Heater

For a more permanent deck heater, try out a heater that is mounted to either the ceiling or wall of your deck. This includes heaters that mount to pergolas or even a wall of your house, and they often come with remote controls that allow you to easily turn the heat on and off from a comfortable seat. These heaters often put off more heat, but they are generally more expensive than other options.

How to Passively Keep Your Deck Warm

Unlike active heating of a deck, which requires a heater, passive heating includes ways to naturally trap heat into the deck area and keep the cold out.

Install Deck Walls

Loft garden design of a deck with walls in a house

Perhaps the most logical way to keep the cold out of an area is by installing walls. Some deck walls are named “wind walls” because they intend to shield the deck from cold winds, therefore allowing the inside of the deck to feel warmer. You can hire a contractor to install these types of walls for you.

Add Some Winter-Friendly Furniture

Rugs are a great addition to any deck any time of year, but in the winter, they can give you a shield against an icy deck floor. There are also heated chairs available for outdoor use, and if you have a large deck with plenty of space to fill, consider purchasing a hot tub for use in the wintertime.

Install an Insulated Deck Roof

Our homes have insulated roofs to trap heat during cold months, and your deck can be passively heated in the same way. This will require some extra deck construction, but consider, again, calling up a deck builder for some help.

If you’re interested in deck construction of any kind, whether you’re starting a deck from scratch or looking to add on a wall and roof to prepare for winter, contact a deck builder such as MidAtlantic Contracting, for a quick and easy consultation!