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With the selection of materials, styles, and designs available today to help you select the right location for your new deck, whether in your backyard or on the roof of your office building, there’s never been a better time to build one. Before deciding what kind of deck is best for you, you’ll want to consider some things about its construction.

1. Take Privacy Into Consideration

A deck is where you often spend time outside, so building one close to the house may be tempting. This type of deck faces your home, and it can cause privacy issues and give you unwanted exposure to passersby. If your new deck is close to your home, consider its view a potential issue. Your deck needs to have privacy if you plan on using it for entertaining guests.

2. How Will You Access Your Deck From Your Home?

Deck and garden of family home at summer

It will affect how easy it is for you to access it. You can easily reach decks in the front yard, but you may have to go around your house to get that deck on the backside. If there are stairs leading up to your new deck, it will be easier to access if it’s close. If you plan on building your new deck, put it where there won’t be a handicap to making the walk up and down the stairs. But if you don’t have enough space for a full-sized deck, try building one with stairs in place and easy access to your home.

3. Consider the Function of Your Deck

Decks are more versatile than ever. While a deck used to be a place to hang out or entertain guests, it can now fulfill multiple functions and serve very important purposes. You can build a deck in your backyard to use in the summer months as an outdoor kitchen. If you plan on doing restoration carpentry, a better contact is MidAtlantic Contracting, a Deck builder in Virginia Beach. You must have the space for whatever function your deck will provide.

4. Sun Exposure

Picture perfect back deck with umbrella covered seats and lots of grass on a bright sunny day

Many decks are located in shady areas, which can protect you from sun damage, but a southern-facing deck, for example, will expose you to the sun all day long. Be sure that the material you choose for your new deck is appropriate for its sun exposure and provides sufficient protection from the sun’s rays. Deck construction materials come in wide varieties, such as cedar and pressure-treated wood, and even composite materials, such as PVC decking. Whatever you choose for your new deck, be sure it serves its purpose and provides the protection you need.

5. Access From the Indoors

Construction for your deck should be done to make it easy for you to access it from inside your home. You can add some steps to your deck or even a stairwell leading up to it if you’ll be using it for relaxation and entertainment. If it’s going to serve multiple purposes, try adding some steps that enable access for each. You can use one door or entrance if the deck provides only one function.

The right location for your deck will be something that weaves in and out of all the other considerations, so everything must be thought out before construction takes place. If you decide on a deck from the ground up or one built into the side of your house, there’s so much variety in deck-building materials and styles today that there is no wrong way to go about it.

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