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Having a deck allows you to extend your home’s interior outdoors. This means that you will have more space in your home to relax and pass the time with friends and family. We, MidAtlantic Contracting, are a first-class deck builder in Woodbridge VA, and have helped many homeowners construct their dream porches. Having some privacy on your deck will allow you to do your outdoor activities with peace of mind. Here are 6 ways to introduce privacy to your deck. Which option you settle for will depend on whether or not you already have a railing around your patio.

Options For Decks With Railings

Install Fabric Screens

You can install a fabric screen around the railing to cover your deck. This is an affordable and straightforward solution. All you have to do is visit a supermarket around you, and you will find several options available. The installation process will take less than an hour, even for a big deck. As a result, it’s perfect for temporary porch privacy needs like when you are hosting a party. The downside to using fabric screens is that you might rob your home and porch of some of its beauty.

deck with screen

Use Artificial Hedges

If you are looking for a classier porch privacy option than fabric screens, artificial hedges are for you. There are mainly made of plastic with a metal frame, and all you have to do is attach the frame to your deck’s railing. Artificial hedges are available in mimics of different plants and colors. As an accomplished deck contractor, we recommend that you go for this option as it gives you the chance to customize how your porch looks to complement your home’s appeal.

Embrace Vines

You should embrace vines as a privacy option for your deck if you want to achieve privacy while bringing life to your deck. You will need to put up 3 to 4 planting vases on your porch and hang the vines from the railings. As experienced deck builders in Woodbridge VA, we suggest that you mix and match different species of vines to add more flair to your porch.

Options for Decks Without Railings

Install Wooden Slat Screens

Installing a wooden slat screen is one of the best ways to introduce privacy into your porch if you don’t have railings. You can design your wooden slat screen to match the aesthetic of your home and even try some bold style. Some unique designs have planter boxes for you to add some nature to your deck.

Hang Outdoor Curtains

Hanging outdoor curtains allows you to have the flexibility of having privacy when you need to and open space when necessary. Outdoor curtains come in different colors and styles and extend the entire height of your porch. Thus, they will offer the flexibility of total privacy while boosting the appeal of your home. As top-notch deck builders in Woodbridge VA, we advise that you go for translucent outdoor curtains so that you can still get some light on your porch even after you close them fully.

curtains for decks

Use Corrugated Metal Panels

If you are looking for something more durable than a wooden slat screen, corrugated metal panels are for you. They are relatively affordable and last longer, though they might not have the same visual appeal as their wooden counterparts.

If you are looking for experienced and reliable deck contractors in Woodbridge, come to MidAtlantic Contracting. We pride ourselves in being the Number #1 deck builder in Woodbridge VA, for the last 40 years. We boast of having numerous happy clients, and our services are rated A+ by BBB. Call or email us today for any deck-building queries you have.