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Are you on the fence over whether or not you have new siding installed on your home? It may seem costly, but having new siding could actually help save you money. Here’s why you might want to consider hiring our siding contractor in Woodbridge VA for brand new siding installation.

1. Better Insulation

Perhaps the biggest reason why you need siding installation is that it can provide better insulation. As technology continues to advance, better materials are created. Those materials are better at insulating a home.

How much of your energy bill is wasted on heating and cooling a home because of drafts? Preserving heat and cool air is vital to keeping your home comfortable and keeping costs down. While you can do what you can with the actual insulation of the home, all that may be for naught if the siding isn’t holding up its side of the insulation spectrum.

In this case, siding replacement is a sure way to achieve better insulation. Little by little, your energy bill will start to decrease as you use less energy to heat and cool your home throughout the seasons. That’s savings you could use.


2. Less of a Health Risk

Some siding in older homes may contain asbestos. While this is only a problem when you choose to tear it down, the presence of asbestos may make homeowners uncomfortable. Especially those with children, having a cancer-causing substance so close to them is scary.

To save on medical costs later, it may be a good idea to have siding replacement take place. Our experienced contractors will carefully remove the old siding. Then new siding can be put into place that is safe for the entire family to be around.

No longer will you have to worry about terrifying medical costs due to asbestos.

3. Cheaper Than Replacing

You may decide that you only want to replace parts of your siding that is starting to fall apart. While this might seem like it will save you money in the long-run, it doesn’t. What ends up happening is that you keep spending a lot of money in short bursts.

It’s better to just replace your entire siding when it starts to show its age. When your entire home is fitted with new siding, you can be sure that it will last for a set amount of years before new siding needs to be installed again.

You won’t have to keep replacing the siding every few years because some parts of it are starting to crumble away or look dated.

4. Better Materials Means Longevity

Another reason to have new siding installed is that the quality of the materials has also improved. Besides providing better insulation, the materials can also last longer. This is important because it means you won’t have to be spending money for another few years.

New siding lasts longer and longer with each new innovation. Our knowledgable and professional siding contractor in Woodbridge VA can help you choose the best siding for your home.

5. Curb Appeal

New siding looks better than old siding. It’s fresh, vibrant, and if you’re being aesthetic in your choices, it can also make your home look stately. This is vital for homeowners who want to one day sell their homes. Our siding contractor in Woodbridge VA can help you find the perfect siding for your home.

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