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Have you made your summer plans yet? If your answer is no, and you’re wondering how to get the most use out of your outdoor living space, there are plenty of ideas to help get things started. Summertime can be a good time for socializing with friends and family outside, but it needs something special like a screened-in porch for that space to be comfortable and inviting.

There’s plenty to love about a screened-in porch. It’s an excellent opportunity for homeowners to make their homes more comfortable in the summer and less inviting to bugs, heat, and dust in the winter. And if you want a screened-in porch but aren’t sure how to do it, you can get help from a general contractor in Northern Virginia! Here are six screened-in porch Ideas.

1. Add a Suspended Swing for Sitting

Relaxing wooden porch swing bench with uniqe patterns

A suspended swing seat is one of the first things your visitors will want to sit down and relax. There are many ways to hang a swing using your porch’s ceiling, and if you wish, you can build it yourself. Suspension swings are an excellent place for spending time with family and friends. Contact a remodeling contractor in Virginia to help with your screened porch.

2. Add More Than One Rug

While a single rug is fine for seating and any indoor areas you may want to decorate, you can add more than one rug to your porch. This can also help it feel like a separate room in your home.

3. Add Accent Lighting

It’s a good idea to add accent lighting to your porch. This is an easy way to make your home look more welcoming and can give the space a slightly different feel. In addition, you can light up the outside of your porch for fun by adding some string lights, lanterns, or solar lantern lights.

Beautiful outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyard outside screened in porch

4. Mix Old and New

You can use old screen doors and windows for your porch for a more eclectic look. These provide an exceptional look and feel to your home that you can’t match with anything from the store. You can install them in any way you like, but it’s best to put them back on their hinges as they work best that way. If you have an existing porch from another home or building, open the door and set it up as your screened-in porch. A remodeling contractor in Virginia will offer more information on how best to do it.

5. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

If an outdoor kitchen is something you’ve always wanted, then it’s easier than you think to add one to your porch or deck. You can go all-out and we’ll help you create a fully functioning outdoor kitchen or make it a simple grill setup that lets you cook outside. There are many different ways to go with your outdoor kitchen, so think about the space and design for your porch before buying the equipment you need for the space. This is something a remodeling contractor in Virginia can help you with.

6. Layer Your Textiles

To make a screened-in porch feel more like a room of its own, add more than one textile. You can use two layers or just one, depending on the look you’re after. The most popular clothes are solid colors and stripes. Add pillows to your porch with cotton or silk for texture and comfort. You can also add some throw blankets for additional comfort. You can ask for help from a remodeling contractor in Virginia.

In conclusion, just as there are many different styles of homes, there are many other ideas for a screened porch. Each idea you consider will make your porch more comfortable or inviting. Think about your home’s style, and then choose the screened-in porch ideas to make it a fun place to socialize with family and friends in the summer. Contact a general contractor in Northern Virginia today.