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An outdoor deck adds extra space to even the smallest homes by extending living space to the great outdoors. Most people use their decks primarily in the summer or warm spring seasons, however, you can add a few features to your deck that make it a fun place to hang out all year ’round.

7 Most Popular Deck Additions

  • Entrance Arbor
  • Wrap-Around Railing or Fence
  • Deck Lighting
  • Built-in Planters
  • Privacy Screen
  • Storage-Seating Benches
  • Fire Pit

Here are seven features that will take any plain old flat deck to the next level. Impress your guests and add value to your home at the same time.

1. Add an Entrance Arbor

Have your deck contractor build an entrance arbor to add instant personality to your deck, especially if it’s the first feature your guests see as they walk up to your deck. You can keep it simple by stringing lights through the arbor or add climbing ivy to it during the warmer seasons.

2. Wrap-Around Railing or Fence

If your deck is several feet from ground level, you need a railing or fence to prevent anyone from falling off. However, a deck builder in Woodbridge VA can make that railing more functional than just a fence.

Instead of post caps, your deck contractor can convert the top of the railing into a flat surface you can use as a drink rail. Add a few bar stools around the railing and you have a new way to enjoy your deck.

lighting on deck

3. Deck Lighting

Extend the use of your deck into the nighttime hours by adding a lighting system. It does not have to be anything extravagant to be useful and visually appealing. Some ideas include adding carriage lights to cap posts, use simple accent lighting or light up the perimeter of the deck.

4. Built-In Planters

Adding built-in planters to your deck gives you a place to grow a mini herb garden or enjoy just a few of your favorite flowers during the season. This idea also adds life and color to your deck, especially if your deck is basic and you are looking for a simple way to spruce it up a bit. Just let your deck builder in Woodbridge VA know what you need and they will take care of it.

5. Privacy Screen Feature

You may have the most intriguing deck or patio in the neighborhood, but you still need your own private time outdoors. Your privacy fence should also serve to protect you from the hot sun or pouring rain.

One option is a lattice panel that provides some privacy without impeding any comforting breezes. Weather resistant drapery panels are another option for providing protection and privacy and add a bit of color to your deck at the same time.

6. Storage-Seating Benches

Everyone who has a deck needs some extra storage for things like grilling tools or outdoor toys for the kids. By using storage-seating benches, the storage bins double as extra seating simply by adding cushions to the top of the lids.

Your deck builder in Woodbridge VA can build your benches with leftover deck materials so the bins blend in seamlessly with the style of the deck.

firepit on deck

7. A Fire Pit

If you are looking for a new table for your deck, get a fire pit with a cover that converts it into a dining or coffee table when not in use. The fire pit will quickly be the center of attention on your deck, especially on cool summer evenings when you need a little extra heat.

Maintenance Free Decks and Features

If you want a deck with features that impress your guests, add value to your home and provide a useful function, visit our website at and let us be your deck builder in Woodbridge VA.