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Are you a homeowner that knows that it is time to replace your roof? Maybe you waited it out and purposely skipped the spring and summer to avoid rain entering your home. But now the time has come and your roof’s lifetime has reached its end. The good news is that Fall is the ideal time for a roof replacement. And if you are pulling the trigger, it’s better to do it now!

roof repair

  1. As we mentioned before, summer and spring can be a little rough when it comes to replacing your roof because of the rain. The ideal temperature for roof replacement is 45-50 degrees especially if you are using asphalt shingles. The temperature will allow the shingles to melt and stick properly.
  2. Colder temperatures can make roof replacement difficult because shingles can brittle and break which will cause delays and ultimately cost you more money.
  3. By doing it in the fall you take care of it now and avoid doing it during winter when winter storms can completely destroy your old roof. You know how bad snow storms can get in the Woodbridge area.
  4. Replacing your roof before winter arrives will help you save money! A new roof will better insulate your home and will help you avoid huge energy bills.


While we can replace your roof at any time of the year, we think that fall is a good time to do it for the reasons that we listed above. If you are in the Northern Virginia area and are ready to avoid high energy bills and replace your existing roof, call MidAtlantic Contracting at 703-492-4663. Take a look at our roofing and gutters page for more information.

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