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Yearning to spend more time outside can be a painful dream when your yard isn’t suited for it. Even when you’ve spent all your time keeping your yard prim and proper, you fear walking out into the yard, possibly ruining the beautiful space where you’ve put so much work. If you’ve spent all your time lately staring out the window or the sliding glass doors of your home, it’s time to make a change to get you outside.

Installing an outdoor deck with a reliable deck contractor like us will eliminate that longing for taking to the outdoors. From extra space to higher home value to the quality time you’ll spend with your family, a deck has many benefits. To give you that extra convincing that you might need to contact an expert deck builder in Woodbridge VA from our team, consider the following benefits to extending your outdoor space.

Encourages Activity

Adding that extra space gives you a place to host gatherings with friends and family where everyone can talk and laugh under the sunshine. You’ll be able to bust out the board games, take out the toys and equipment cluttering your shed or garage, and get the kids to come and play outside. Regardless of whether you play on the deck or take your games to the yard, where everyone and their pets can run around freely, having an outdoor deck will encourage the family to spend more time outside and be more active.

man drinking coffee on deck

A Place to Relax

You might want to leave the running around to the kids and sit back instead, maybe enjoy a drink and talk to your partner or catch up with friends. An outdoor deck gives you a place to relax outside where the sun warms you up and keeps your spirit bright. By putting up an awning, investing in some outdoor couches, and designating a spot for a table and chairs, you give yourself a place in the fresh air where it’s desirable to relax. For nighttime relaxation, you can even look into installing an outdoor fireplace to keep your outdoor space cozy.

Eat Together

Cooking for the family or guests means that someone is going to end up stuck in the kitchen. Having space outdoors where you can grill or even work in a built-in kitchen lets you spend time with everyone while you cook and feels much less cramped than a dining room. Setting up a barbeque is a prime reason to host a party as well, giving you more opportunities for a social experience that family and friends alike will enjoy. Not to mention, the smell of grilling meat outdoors can’t be beaten.

Enhance Your Home Aesthetic

With the right deck builder in Woodbridge VA, the overall beauty of your home jumps right up when you install an outdoor deck. With plenty of wood finishes, stain colors, and design options, you’ll get an outdoor deck that matches the style and aesthetic of your home guaranteed. You can even install your deck in a way that lets you paint it whichever color you choose if you want something more unique than that natural wood look.

You can further enhance the beauty and appeal of your outdoor deck with not only the furniture that you choose but also with decorations that bring nature to your space. For example, potted or hanging plants can make your outdoor space gorgeous and attract butterflies. Hanging a bird feeder can also bring birds right to your porch and give your outdoor deck an even more magical feel.

spacious wooden deck

Increase Property Value

In case you think you want to sell your home in the future, adding an outdoor deck is a fantastic boost to the value of your home. A lot of prospective homeowners, especially those with family, look for outdoor decks because it offers them a clean outdoor space where they can spend time. An outdoor deck is highly appealing in general, as well, for style and functionality, especially when they can tell the job was done by a professional. When our company sends you a deck builder in Woodbridge VA, you’re ensuring yourself that you’re getting an expert deck installation that gives your property the value that’s not only fair but also what it deserves.

Installing an outdoor deck can be a substantial project, and it isn’t one that you’ll want to tackle alone or without a deck contractor, which is why we’re here to help. Your outdoor deck should be the ideal space where you can make memories and spend quality time with the people you love. It should also be a place you’re proud of and admire, which means you don’t deserve to have a deck installation done by anyone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart like we do.

For a quality outdoor deck installation that you’ll be happy with for years to come, find a quality deck builder in Woodbridge VA like us. We’ll make sure that your dreams of comfortable outdoor living become a reality.