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As a homeowner, it is common for you to forget about your roofing unless it develops a major problem that demands immediate attention. However, this is not right since a damaged roof might leave a massive dent in both your home and wallet. All you need to do is call our experts for roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA immediately. Several myths about roofing systems seem to have swamped the entire fraternity of homeowners. We have gathered some common misconceptions about roofing Woodbridge that you should ignore and get your facts right.

Myth #1 You Can Re-Roof Over Old Shingles

Most people believe it is okay to add a new layer of shingles over an old or damaged one. We advise against this. It might seem like a cheap and easy way out, but you are simply putting an attractive skin on a questionable interior. If the outer roofing area is already worn out, chances are that the underneath shingle layer also needs inspection. You may want to strip off the inner layer and replace the entire roofing system to prevent problems from reoccurring sooner. If you are looking for roofing companies Northern Virginia to handle the complete overhaul of your roofing system, we are here to serve you.

man removing old shingles from roof

Myth #2 Roofs Don’t Require Regular Maintenance And Inspection

Most homeowners believe that the roofing does not need inspection or maintenance unless there is an apparent problem. Most homeowners call roofing contractors for inspection if they suspect a leak or other damages. This shouldn’t be the case. You should call our professional roof inspectors for routine inspections and maintenance services at least twice or once a year. This allows us to identify any problems and fix them before they grow into a serious problem.

Myth #3 Roof Repairs Can Be Covered Through DIY

Roofing installations and repairs demand special skills and experience. Repairing part or the entire roof on your own requires much more than google tutorials. The task is potentially dangerous and could even cost you limbs or even your life. You need specific qualifications and experience to handle roof repairs safely and correctly. Even with the rising number of roofing companies Northern Virginia, our company stands out, and we will help you with your roof repair services. Hiring our experts for repair or roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA is the best option at this point.

Myth #4 Heavy Insulation Is Always The Best

In a bid to keep houses warm, homeowners tend to overdo the insulation. While a proper amount of padding is paramount in regulating temperatures in your home, heavy insulation can be damaging. Too much of it causes problems with roof ventilation. It traps moisture that encourages warping, rot and mold that affect the quality of your roof. In the case where the damage is already done, call our professional contractors for roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA to prevent the mold or rot from spreading to other sections of the house.

Myth #5 Gutters Have Nothing To Do With Roofing

Many people treat gutters as separate accessories from the roofing system. The gutters make the roofing system complete. Without the gutters, the roofs can’t drain water efficiently. Although they may seem insignificant to an ordinary individual, gutters are the main reason why your roofs don’t soak in excess water from ice dams and large water pools. If your gutter system is damaged, loosely attached or clogged, you may want to contact our professionals for roofing replacement in Woodbridge right away.


Myth #5 Flashing Needs Replacement Only After A New Roof Has Been Installed

Most homeowners tend to ignore flashing. They only consider it important when replacing the roofing system. Flashing is a metal created and installed to divert water away from pipes and roof openings such as chimneys and vents. The misconception attached to this piece of metal is that it can withstand wear and wear for ages. Therefore, most people consider changing the flashing a waste of time and resources. This is entirely untrue.

Flashing doesn’t have a specific amount of time it can withstand pressure. It could serve you for ages, longer than any other roofing components, or fail within months and affect an entire roofing installation. We advise that you should have your flashing inspected every six months. Failure to that, a faulty flashing will allow water into your house and eventually cause damages to not only the roof but also other parts of the house. When the flashing is damaged, you can call our experts for repair or roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA.

There are many misconceptions out there when it comes to roofing types, maintenance and repair practices. Luckily, most of them are far from the truth. If you have doubts that you would want to be cleared, contact us and hire our roofing Woodbridge experts to address your concerns.