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No roof is invincible. There are different things that can weaken a roof. You should regularly inspect your roof for problems. If minor issues are addressed immediately, it could prevent them from becoming a serious repair. Roofing replacement Woodbridge VA is a way to avoid many different causes of roof damage.

red shingles on roof


MidAtlantic Contracting knows roofing Woodbridge has to deal with all weather elements. Each year roofs are subjected to everything from rain and snow to sleet, hail, high winds and more. Over time, this has an impact on a roof. Severe weather has been known to rip off shingles from a roof and in extreme situations, a roof has been completely ripped from a house.


There are a variety of creatures that will get into a roof. Mice and rats can get through holes as small as a dime. There are also termites, ants and other pests that can go to many places in a roof. Squirrels, birds as well as rats and others that can damage a roof. Many will burrow through the shingles and make their way into your home. They can make their way up siding, move through gutters and more. There are some who will nest on the roof of a house. MidAtlantic Contracting and can help roofing Woodbridge to handle these pests.

Ice Damage

Excessive ice and snow can cause many different problems for a roof. When the snow and ice on a roof thaw, it’s possible for particles of water to get under the shingles. When another cold spell occurs, this water will refreeze. This could lift a shingle as well as its flashing. When this occurs, significant water damage could happen. Deterioration and corrosion of a roof will occur. Roofing replacement Woodbridge VA knows it is important to check for damage after a bad storm.


When flashings are improperly installed, it can damage a roof. Flashings seals are the area of a roof where penetration has taken place. This is from the installation of heating and cooling systems, vent pipes as well as chimneys, skylights and more. Mid Atlantic Contracting knows flashings can be improperly attached. This can result in laps and open seams. It is possible this could cause tiles to blow off. Roofing replacement Woodbridge VA is a way to fix improperly installed flashing that can increase the vulnerability of a roof to be punctured and more.

wind damage on roof

Wind Damage

When a house experiences strong winds it can weaken the roofing materials as well as nails and shingles designed to hold a roof together. Even regular gusts of moderate wind can also damage the stability of a roof. High wind, as well as hail damage, make up a large percentage of roofing insurance claims after a storm.


Roofing replacement Woodbridge VA can keep a roof in good shape with proper ventilation. Many homes will place vents at the eaves as well as close to the top of the roof or the ridge. This will make it possible for cool air to be taken through to the bottom and warm air to get out through the top. There is no mechanical process necessary to make this happen. Warm air will rise naturally. Proper ventilation will regulate moisture levels and temperature in the home’s attic. Roofing companies northern Virginia know how to solve problems with a roof’s ventilation. Mid Atlantic Contracting can fix problems with shingles, rafters, insulation, sheathing and more.


Even the best roofs will have to be maintained. Should your roof not be properly maintained, it is susceptible to damage in many different ways. Constant exposure to the elements can cause wear and tear on your roof. A roofing company in northern Virginia like MidAtlantic Contracting can help with roof replacement.

Should your roof not have been inspected for a long time, it could be necessary to have a professional roof inspection. Roofing companies northern Virginia like MidAtlantic Contracting are experienced roofers. We can detect problems others may not notice. When a roof is checked regularly and repaired immediately, it can easily last for decades. Contact MidAtlantic Contracting for a roof replacement.