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A screened porch is a type of porch that has an open-air structure with an insulated and screened floor, usually surrounding the building. They cover the design in slats or rails for better air circulation—and often open onto the outside as well. Screened porches are advantageous because they protect people from pests and offer privacy, fresh air, and protection from cold wind.

6 Ways a Screened Porch Adds Value To Your Home

1. Saves energy

A porch provides natural light and fresh air, which saves energy. It also keeps the house’s heat during winter and prevents the spread of hot air from inside the house to other parts of the house, making it more efficient for heating and cooling. During the summer months, it provides shade that helps keep the air cool. In addition, it can also keep out bugs and other pests that may be harmful to you and your family members.

2. A multipurpose space

Porch in suburban home with tile floor and fan on the ceiling

A screened porch is a very versatile space. It offers protection from harmful elements and serves as an additional room or a room extension of the house that people can use for various purposes. You may even use it to conduct business as it can be a great place to have a small office with you while enjoying the fresh air. The possibilities are endless when you have a screened porch added to your house.

3. Raises the value of your home

The value of a home with a screened porch is always higher than that of a house without one. A patio adds value to any home by providing convenience, protection, and extra space to attract new buyers. Screened porches are generally easier to maintain than their counterparts with no screening. It offers additional storage space and a room extension, making the whole house look better.

4. Enhances curb appeal

A porch enhances the look and feels of your home. Buyers will always notice if you have such a porch installed as an addition to your home because they are usually evident structures. It makes any house more attractive and marketable. Moreover, a screened porch also adds aesthetic value to your home because it is an open-air structure that allows more natural light to pour in.

5. Fits any style

Screened porch with table and chairs and French doors that lead to a deck with a view of a golf course

A porch goes with any style of house. The materials and finishes used in building screened porches are so versatile that they can quickly go with almost any house—Tudor, traditional, craftsman, or even contemporary. It is an excellent addition to your home, whatever the style of your house may be.

6. Provides extra storage

A porch provides plenty of storage space because it is an open structure that offers enough room to store things. It dramatically increases the number of areas where you can store items such as furniture, boxes, and other household items. A porch is also ideal for storing seasonal decorations and plants.

A screened porch is an excellent addition to your home. It offers protection from harmful elements, privacy, and extra storage space. It also enhances curb appeal and adds value to your home. Suppose you want a porch that can meet your house’s requirements and give it a lovely appearance. In that case, you should ensure that it has been installed by a professional with the necessary license, like a general contractor in northern Virginia, MidAtlantic Contracting.