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In the Northern Virginia region, we had a pretty rough Spring season when it came to rain. And now that we’re in mid-August, we’re heading into what could be a strong hurricane season. As a homeowner, you should be on the lookout for any type of house damage caused by rain, hail or thunderstorms. Although some damage is easy to spot, such as a tree falling on your home, it’s not always that simple. In this post, we’ll outline ways you can easily find other forms of roof damage:

tree on roof

  1. Inspect your attic: Your attic is a great place to look for any leaks or water damage. If you spot any water stains, you need a professional to come out and take a closer look, as you will probably need to repair or replace your roof.
  2. Inspect indoors: Check for any signs of moisture inside: marks, stains, tiny holes, larger holes, etc. These could all be signs that your roof is damaged and leaking into the home. 
  3. Inspect your yard: If you find missing pieces of shingles, metal or flashing from your chimney, then you definitely need to have some repairs made on the roof of your home.
  4. Inspect your roof: Look for curling, broken, damaged, molded, decaying stained or buckling shingles. They will definitely need to be repaired or replaced. Also, look around your chimney (if you have one) to inspect the flashing. You’ll want to check for loose or missing flashing, cracked joints or damaged bricks.

water damage on ceiling

If you live in Northern Virginia and you find any of the above issues with your roof, you’ll want to give us a call today. Our professionals at MidAtlantic Contracting will provide a free inspection of your roof and ensure that you receive a quality repair or replacement.