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Homes, just like lifestyles, change with seasons. Preparing your home for the cooler months allows it to become safer, warmer, and more comfortable. Below are the 6 actionable home prep tips for winter.

1. Clear the Gutters

Firstly, ensure that your gutters are debris-free before winter starts. This is because ice, twigs, and dead leaves are likely to fall into the gutters and create a blockage during a winter storm. Consequently, the water will damage the roof or rot the wood. Clogged gutters can also affect the foundation of your house.

Clearing the gutters on time allows the ice to melt and flow smoothly from the roof and into the drainage. Therefore, use a ladder and remove any dead leaves in your gutters. Additionally, check how water runs through them to check whether there is any misalignment that may cause water damage.

2. Trim Trees

man with orange gloves pruning fruit trees by using pruning shears

Another way to get your home winter ready is to trim the large branches of trees in your yard, fence, or driveway. This is because, during a storm, the branches can collapse and damage the roof shingles or siding.

Additionally, they can burst through your windows when snow covers them. You can avoid these issues by removing the branches before the cold season kicks in.

3. Inspect your Home’s HVAC System

Ensure that your home’s heating and cooling system is in excellent condition before winter starts. Most systems have a lifespan of approximately 10 to 15 years. Proper maintenance ensures that your system serves you for as long as possible.

You should consider hiring a qualified HVAC contractor to inspect the system and check whether any parts need repair or replacement. This prep tip will help to ensure that you will have adequate heat when you need it. It will also help to reduce energy consumption during the cooler months.

4. Check for Weatherstripping Openings

During home construction, a general contractor in northern Virginia designs the doors in such a way that they allow air to flow smoothly into the house. This means that these doors will not fit perfectly into their frames.

Weather stripping door for winter

Weatherstripping them before winter starts keeps the house warm and prevents water and ice from seeping in. This is because the weather-stripping product acts as a seal. Ensure that you choose a product that matches your door’s color.

5. Inspect Garage Doors

Your garage doors should have the capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions during winter. For this reason, have a general contractor in northern Virginia check them and conduct necessary maintenance before the season.

The expert should look for various signs, such as rusting, peeling paint, noisy springs, and cracks on the surface that indicate the need for repair. Dampness or the presence of mold inside the garage is another problem that you should solve before winter starts.

6. Insulate the Pipes

During the cold season, the pipes in exposed areas can freeze and burst. For this reason, homeowners should drain and insulate these pipes before winter. Home construction experts advise homeowners to close the pipes and faucets after emptying them.

Also, use foam pipe insulation or pipe wrap tape to cover the pipes. Heating cables are suitable for people looking for a long-term solution.

In summary, part of being an organized homeowner is taking time to ensure that your home is ready for different seasons. If you live in Northern Virginia, your home is prone to harsh weather conditions during winter. However, the above tips prepare your property for this season. At MidAtlantic Contracting Inc., we offer reliable home improvement services to ensure that your home is comfortable during the cool months. Contact us today.