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Spring is time for change and new beginnings! We have seen how the weather has changed in the Woodbridge area and how warm it has gotten. Sometimes the change of season brings new revelations for homeowners. Now that the weather is warm and you can spend more time outdoors inspecting your home, you might start noticing stuff about your home that you did not before. One of them being the state of your siding. When it comes to your home’s siding, there might be a lot of telltale signs that will indicate that it is time to replace your siding.

home siding

Faded Siding

Does your siding look faded no matter how many times you paint it? Eventually, the cost of constantly painting your siding will add up.

Bubbling/Blistered Siding

Sometimes extreme hot weather and moisture can cause bubbling or blistered siding. But it can also be a problem with the boards underneath the siding. The best option is to call a siding contractor to figure out the issue.

Loose/Cracked Siding

If it’s only a few, you can replace them. But if you have loose or cracked siding all around your home, it is best to replace it all. If you don’t the water will get under the siding and cause major issues.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a fungus caused by moisture that weakens the wood and causes it to decompose. You definitely do not want this on your siding, and you need to replace it as soon as possible.

siding rotting

Peeling Interior Paint and Wallpaper

If you are noticing that the paint and wallpaper inside of your home are peeling, you need to call us right away. This means that your siding is letting moisture in.

Your Energy Bill Has Increased

Has your electricity bill skyrocketed? This could be due to the lack of insulation in your walls.

Any of these signs indicate that your siding needs to be replaced. You don’t want to wait too long before you take action. If you are in need of a siding contractor in the Woodbridge VA, call MidAtlantic Contracting at 703-492-4663. You can check out our siding options here.