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Although your home was built for the long-term, things inevitably wear out. Roofs are an excellent example, since they are constantly exposed to the harshest elements nature has to offer. Replacing your old, worn-out roof will benefit you for years to come and raise your home’s value to boot. Working with established roofing companies in Northern Virginia is key to making the process easy from start to finish. The right builder will handle everything — from the removal of your old roof to a thorough clean up when the job is complete.

Still, there are some things you can do to make your roof replacement go smoothly. Here are some relevant pointers that can make your roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA a breeze.

Secure and protect items in your attic

This is probably something that hasn’t occurred to you, but any builder who provides roofing in Woodbridge will tell you that roof replacement is messy. During the job, workers will be walking on your roof, scraping it, and fastening down new roofing. This will cause dust and debris to fall into your attic. Protecting your personal items by covering them or safely stowing them out of the way is a smart move.

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Take children’s and pet’s needs into consideration

Replacing your roof will cause a significant amount of noise. This is a necessary consequence of having the job done. Increased noise may be fine with you, especially since it’s only for a short time, but consider how your kids or pets may handle it. Besides, work zones are generally not the safest areas for children or pets who may not understand the dangers of having a crew working overhead. It may be wise to arrange for kids and pets to stay with family or friends while your roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA is completed.

Move outdoor items like your barbecue and patio furniture away from the work area

It’s hard to avoid things dropping off your roof while it’s being replaced. As careful as roofing companies in Northern Virginia are, sometimes things get bumped or set too close to the edge. It’s best to move grills, patio furniture, and potted plants away from overhanging roof edges while the work is being done.

Locate power outlets accessible to your roof

This is a great way to save your builder time and frustration when the job starts.
Remember, contractors who provide roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA will be using an array of power tools to complete the job, and having easily accessible power outlets is a must. Exterior outlets work best, but you can also assist your builder by running an extension cord out a window. If you decide to go this route, select an outlet away from heavy traffic areas of your home.

trimming tree branches

Trim intrusive tree branches and mow your grass

You might think they’re beautiful, but tree branches that overhang, or even rest on your roof, will need to be removed before your builder can start work. Ask your contractor to use drop cloths to protect plants around the perimeter of your home, and plan on mowing your grass before construction begins. Shorter grass keeps fallen debris — including roofing nails — from disappearing in your lawn and becoming a hazard later on.

Consult a professional roofing replacement builder

It’s a good idea to consider replacing your roof before major issues develop. A worn-out roof can lead to costly problems like water damage inside your home. MidAtlantic Contracting has an established reputation for roofing in Woodbridge VA and is committed to quality service. We can make the process hassle-free. If you are interested in consulting us about roofing replacement in Woodbridge VA, give us a call at 703.492.4663, or visit us online at One of our skilled staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.